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Example sentences for cotton candy

Her hair was a tangle of white-blond cotton candy streaked with pink.
The lungs, usually as light and airy as cotton candy, were as heavy and thick as liver.
Venerable tradition, sticky with the memory of cotton candy, has it that the circus never changes.
Concessions will be available selling favorite movie treats such as popcorn, soda and cotton candy.
But for those who still want popcorn and cotton candy, those treats will be available as well.
They enjoyed everything from insulation-colored cotton candy, to hot dogs and crab cakes.
While all the activities are going on, there is popcorn, cotton candy and hot apple cider for all that attend.
At the carnival, corn dogs are one price and cotton candy is another.
Ice cream cone, ice cream cakes, ice cream sundaes or cotton candy.
Cotton candy is an example of sugar in a frozen state but yet flexible.
They made cotton candy, popcorn and hot dogs for the kids and many of the children sported face paintings.

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