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Example sentences for cot

He was found hanging by a rope which formed the lacing of the cover over the iron framework of his cot.
Since then he has worked all hours, sleeping in a cot in his office.
She began laying eggs nearly every day under the general's cot.
As the voices rise and fall, he dangles his bony legs off his metal cot and blinks for the last time.
One of the conferees is ill and bedridden on a cot in the corner.
Enlistees then described their motives with memorable precision: three hots and a cot.
The shows were late, so the band provided a cot backstage so she could sleep between sets.
As she has during three previous hospitalizations, she is staying with him in the private room, sleeping on a cot beside his bed.
In the smallest cot there is room enough for a loving pair.
They followed her, lugging the carry-cot between them.
There, she does her homework and falls asleep on a cot in a storage room until the restaurant closes.

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