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Witty, sometimes bawdy, skater names and costuming lend an air of performance to the sport.
Nothing is more essential to the proper costuming of any figure, and especially of a poor one, than the corsets and the lingerie.
All that the camera's scope, superb photography, and opulent costuming could give it has been given to it here.
All that the camera's scope, superb photography and opulent costuming could give it has been given to it here.
There's the excellent color photography and the amusing costuming that should be praised.
The costuming for these court dances, when not concerned with special masquerade events, remained that of contemporary court wear.
However, the set decoration and costuming were outstanding.
At the same time, a fashion-conscious viewer will be struck by how much of the costuming still appears relevant to today's style.
The first step in costuming is to choose a character or occupation.
Campers will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of costuming, set design, choreography and voice.
Others include written stage directions or instructions for scenery, costuming, and incidental music.
Their minimal costuming, such as it was, was elegant.
Do not allow sharp instruments to be used in costuming.
Be a part of our legacy and find the joy of movement, beautiful costuming and exciting music.
Something out of the ordinary is promised in the way of costuming and settings.
The costuming was admirable: the scenery all that could be reasonably expected.
The costuming by this company is something worthy of observation it is so varied and rich.

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Who can think of the sun costuming clouds When all people are shaken Or of night endazzled, proud, When peo... more
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