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Cute coop, but you seem to be treating chicken manure as a toxic substance to be avoided at all costs.
It is not wages and costs of handling which fall, but profits and rents-Times.
Tourism is the only sector offering any near-term potential, and even this is limited due to a short season and high costs.
These conditions society is justified in enforcing at all costs to those who endeavour to withhold fulfilment.
He is actuated by the determination to have everything in character at all costs.
Let them have no fear that their gift will not be appreciated because it costs nothing.
Fishing for salmon and camping out among the ice, tundra and lava might help cut costs.
Ice is filler that costs nothing, so fill it to the brim with ice, you get less drink.
When farmers start pushing past what's natural, the costs add up.
Establish metrics for textbook costs and goals for their reduction.
And all of that, the instructors believe, can be accomplished at any college without increasing instructional costs.
Most of higher education believes these are the real costs.
It might turn out in fact that room and board costs are often similar to the cost of the earnings a student gives up.
Clearly, higher education cannot continue its pattern of annual increases in costs without the system's becoming unglued.
Better animal health programs come at a cost and those costs should be shared by producers, processors, and consumers.
Art-history scholars face narrowing publishing venues and rising permissions costs.
In fact, the experts don't even agree on how much solar electricity costs today.
Encourage students to carefully consider both the costs and benefits of this topic while debating.
There are huge energy costs in making plastic bottles, treating and filling them with water, and throwing them away.
Sharing a family vehicle can reduce your fuel costs dramatically.
And they say their technologies could be combined with others or used in applications that could offset costs.
Hydrogen has to be freed before it is useful, and that costs more energy than the hydrogen gives back.
But the true costs, from worker exploitation to pollution, are not measured by electricity meters.
These costs are now dropping, he added, but sticker shock remains a drawback.
It takes exceptional ingredients and expert craftsmanship to create, and costs more to acquire.
For many products, labour is a small and diminishing fraction of total costs.
The long-term picture, by contrast, is one in which rising health-care costs threaten to explode the country's budget.
Merged firms seek to cut costs, and often end up spending less on exploration than they did separately.
Boosters insist that if it is given a chance to work, it will bring costs down, and not merely extend coverage.
Average prices should be lower in poor countries than in rich ones because labour costs are lower.
Companies may struggle to cut costs and provide good care as well.
Globalisation allows them to cut costs by serving ever more customers.
But the cheaper long-haul alternatives inject more urgency into the big carriers' efforts to cut costs.
Initially bands used it to raise money for studio rental and the production costs for releasing an album.
His central insight was that firms exist because going to the market all the time can impose heavy transaction costs.
If patients pay more of the upfront costs of their health care, the argument goes, they will become more discerning consumers.
Trade barriers, transport costs and differences in taxes drive a wedge between prices in different countries.
Fortunately, installation costs have also dropped at a similar pace to module costs.
As for costs, the researchers calculated this as the agricultural value the land would have provided if deforested.
New houses tend to be better insulated, which reduces their heating costs and hence the potential for savings.
Medicine--and its outcomes and costs--are often based on averages.
Regardless of the usefulness of this pen, developmental costs still seem high.
By keeping energy costs so low, we're suppressing innovation.
The city will pick up medical costs for any guest who gets sick while visiting.
Beyond the political consequences, the drone program also imposes severe bureaucratic costs.
Oh, and dialysis arguably costs more here than anywhere else.
Containing health care costs seems to me to be a moral imperative.
Bigger subsidies might also be necessary to get investors to stomach the high upfront costs and slow returns of nuclear reactors.
Costs for liability insurance are higher than costs for many procedures.
Indeed, giving insurance to currently uncovered groups may cause costs to spiral up faster.
Health care will go from ten per cent to seventeen per cent of labor costs for business, and workers' wages will have to fall.
Procrastination also inflicts major costs on businesses and governments.
Apple doesn't publish much information about its labor costs.
High costs of living and high living will come down.
Welch was a feared and confrontational manager, with a fanatical devotion to cutting costs and boosting profits.
It had relatively high labor costs, which encouraged the search for labor-saving innovations.
And since workers often end up paying for their own devices, it can also help businesses cut costs.
These inflated costs raised the price for everything from raw materials to finished office space.
Not only that, there are huge costs looming from decommissioning the first round of nuclear reactors built decades ago.
As more people install these systems, locals who do not have such systems are subsidizing grid costs for those who do.
Our brains have networks of neurons that weigh the costs and benefits of potential actions.
Only if conception occurs, however, do the evolutionary benefits of such a strategy overcome its costs.
These findings have been interpreted in terms of the cognitive costs of trying to make a good impression during the interaction.
Costs have grown, particularly as engineers realized the limitations of their technology.
Higher-efficiency engines may or may not pay back their development and manufacturing costs with operational savings.
The choices of a pair of individuals are going to have an impact on the costs born by society as a whole.
Either way, these costs will result in higher energy prices.
The idea of concentrating sunlight to reduce the size of solar cells--and therefore to cut costs--has been around for decades.
No matter what product a business sells, one of its costs is energy.
However, experts say part of the high cost will be paid back through lower operating costs.
The company will also install a natural-gas power cogeneration facility onsite to cut energy costs.
For big organizations, hoarding wireless bandwidth costs more than giving it away.
The same gallium-arsenide wafer can be reused many times, reducing costs.
Thanks to rapidly falling costs in sequencing technology, it's now possible to solve this large genetic puzzle.
Pretreatment is an important step for its costs and inefficiencies, including the loss of about half of the available cellulose.
By guaranteeing loans, the government can bring down financing costs.
Add budgetary costs incurred by other parts of government.
The costs of fully protecting the delicate delta ecology are almost incalculable.
They were savvy owners, keeping costs low and circulations high.
At all costs, therefore, the one principle that must not operate is the principle of accountability.
Anything else costs the lives of them and their friends.
In an effort to cut costs, the board let go longtime staff and adjusted benefits to the children of faculty.
He has revamped workers' compensation to increase benefits for injured workers and reduce employee costs.
She's a harridan of a manager-ripping through the staff, sacking many old stalwarts, and slashing operating costs.
Trying to avoid at all costs dealing with the vampire state: paying tax, registering your business, even holding a bank account.
The movie studios as a whole are in trouble, and piracy is-along with rising costs-one of the main factors being cited.
All but the wealthiest readers will have noticed by now that food costs have risen this year.
Those costs have actually risen during the recession.
The costs of the handsets themselves are subsidized.
In addition to their social costs, workplace injuries and illnesses have a major impact on an employer's bottom line.
Employee morale, health, and welfare costs and costs.
Termination costs applicable to sponsored agreements.
Before you purchase a water heater, it's a good idea to estimate its annual operating costs.
These reports examine how production costs vary among producers of different commodities.
Generally, costs that can be directly tied to the performance of eligible work are eligible.
The financial costs of cancer care are a burden to people diagnosed with cancer, their families, and society as a whole.
He rightly points out that few professors know about the excessive costs of the periodicals they read.
By the time the costs of right-wing anarchism reach the truly privileged, it will be far too late for everyone else.
He calculates aggregated expenditures and costs and gains.
Third, the choice to jettison legal constraints has inflicted long-lasting costs.
The twelve have similar price tags despite differences in endowments and local labor costs.
Still the value of safer neighborhoods is immediate, while the costs of excessive imprisonment are theoretical and vague.
He does not explain what these costs and damages are.
In fact, the prison boom has high costs for all of us.
Many demonstrators argued, in effect, that the integrity of the fledgling anarchist experiment must be protected at all costs.
There is no evidence that equality entails such costs.
In short, it means knowing the costs of modern life and being willing to pay them on demand.
It costs roughly the same to school both rich and poor in the same dependence.
They may come into their own if the unacceptable costs of angry hostility toward outsiders become unmistakably obvious.

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