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City trips are often expensive because of costly hotel fees.
Energy and the technology to desalinate water are both expensive, and this means that desalinating water can be pretty costly.
These plates and spines protect the fish from predators, but they are costly to produce and maintain.
The costly transition to a new banana took more than a decade.
When the public school course was finally finished, they wanted more costly dresses, more costly hats and shoes.
Then he sat down on a costly seat, and began to eat the sweet rice porridge from a golden bowl.
Sandor believes that one way to reduce pollution is to make it so costly to polluters that they stop.
Health insurance is limited in what it covers and far from universal, so getting sick can be a costly proposition.
These mistakes have been undeniably costly, but they're not the whole story.
Most veterinarians make around sixty thousand a year, and veterinary training can be as costly and rigorous as medical training.
Look for those in your community who are making health care better, safer, and less costly.
To feed the microbes, plants must aerate sewage sludge with costly, power-hogging equipment.
Training dogs for such missions is a lengthy, difficult, and costly process.
The task of removing exotic species can be extremely costly, running into the millions of dollars at times.
Incomplete composting lowers the value of the finished product and makes recycling and composting more costly.
Visiting a vent is a dangerous and costly undertaking.
It also turned down a suggested ban on foreign travel for teams-a popular but costly practice.
But graduate programs are costly, and not all are as effective as they should be.
Others dismantle pumps and block drains, causing costly floods, or flex their arms in order to pop locked lids.
Technology now is far more advanced and should be able to make trips to the moon much easier and less costly.
There must be some benefit, for producing that much silk would be a costly exercise.
Nobody's saying you couldn't have an army large enough to make invading too costly.
The price of corn futures is skyrocketing, which will make all food more costly.
The law will now forbid insurers to drop sick and costly customers after discovering technical mistakes on applications.
They'll realize that the market has changed, and that they made a costly mistake.
Historically, carriers haven't done much to differentiate themselves beyond costly marketing campaigns for specific devices.
Developing the negatives was costly, time-consuming and often produced streaked or blurry images.
It is too large and would be too costly and complicated.
One mistake per hour obliterates a counter's advantage, and two an hour is more costly than not counting at all.
Missing one of them or performing it ineptly can be costly.
But ample showrooms and well-trained staff are costly.
Even where borrowers are on the hook, lenders often find it too costly to pursue unpaid debts.
But the process is not particularly productive, given the present output of solar panels, and it is costly.
As might be imagined, this check-up is uncomfortable and costly.
We're all attached to our hometowns and want them to succeed, but efforts to spread economic activity out artificially are costly.
Big construction companies, with tight deadlines and costly penalty clauses, are also turning to derivatives.
There are no costly traffic lights to build or maintain.
It offers early-retirement buy-outs to thousands of costly tradesmen the firm no longer needs.
Companies must hire costly lawyers to guide them through a maze created by other lawyers.
It causes no direct physical harm but may be disruptive and costly.
It may have been a bore, but it was a less socially costly way of dealing with an undesirable habit than a ban.
But this also requires costly power grids to carry the electricity to the distant cities.
The broader overhaul of welfare has barely begun, and will be complex and costly.
Litigation is already becoming more frequent and more costly.
Sulfur causes costly problems for high-temperature fuel cells.
Having fewer moving parts reduces the chance of costly mechanical failure.
But such devices often require costly proprietary communication networks.
But uploading large amounts of data to cloud computing systems has remained costly and time-consuming.
It requires more costly equipment and more processing steps than does making ethanol from corn grain.
It also avoids the use of some costly materials used in other types of solar cells.
Could an alternative be to change the acidity of the soils to make them more alkaline, or is this solution too costly.
It can also be generated by electrolysis, which is much more costly.
To date, converting that heat for sensible uses or energy uses has been pretty costly.
And expanding the grid is a huge, costly gamble to shuttle intermittent power around.
High torque engines are old fashioned, out dated, and costly to operate.
It is all about cost, the more backup and safety systems you have to put in the more costly it gets, think exponentially here.
Returning to his body, he points the goo out to the tourist who then has to have a costly shoeshine.
Drug advertising results in more costly prescriptions.
It is costly to distribute, and those expenses have climbed with rising fuel prices.
To avoid this costly wear and tear, researchers are taking lessons from a desert native: the yellow fat-tail scorpion.
The chronic disease can mean frequent needle jabs to test blood sugar levels-and costly treatments.
Wildfires not only destroy property and habitat, they are extremely costly.
Because storing the urchins is costly and labor intensive, they must be released into the ocean once they reach a certain size.
As a new technology will no doubt be more costly than it's benefits.
These were extremely misguided, costly and grossly ineffective.
At the utility level, geothermal plants are costly to build and operate.
There also are face-offs over costly farmland, chemical applications and marketing strategies.
Early demonstration projects are likely to be many times more costly than later ones.
Most soot comes from large trucks which often don't have costly exhaust scrubbers on them.
Prestige is gained by having highly published tenured faculty and brand new costly facilities.
Shifting to renewable energy will be costly and disruptive.
The less costly component of the clean energy initiative is energy efficiency.
Shutting them down now would be costly and do nothing for the climate.
Profitable for some and costly for others and today, ozone is always with us as a pollutant.
Not only would this be a costly method to pump power backwards into the grid but also inefficient.
When courts are understood in this way, it becomes clear that improving their operations can be costly.
Because manufacturing is more capital-intensive than the rest of the economy, downtime is more costly than in other industries.
The results of such findings can be both traumatic and costly.
They were far too costly to be sustained, and at the end of the ten-year program they had reached a dead end.
And it's costly for them to hand out records one by one, so they have automated the process.
And as the climate changes, the extremes are proving especially costly for global food security.
There is no question that some regulations are outdated, unnecessary, or too costly.
Despite costly efforts, no drug has been found that can keep the disease from progressing.
Governments should look at any opportunities to streamline, reduce or eliminate its size to become less costly and more effective.
The technology has improved on the removal of tattoos, but could be costly and may take several visits.
The only way to get inside without paying for a room is to book a table at one of the hotel's costly eateries.
Lee, however, has placed these costly projects on hold.
The industry claimed menu postings would be a costly logistical burden and would clutter valuable real estate on the menus.
The fact is that consumers and manufacturers are getting clipped in these costly-and deceptive-coupon capers.

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