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The giants clogged fishing nets and poisoned potential catches with their toxic stings, costing coastal fishers billions of yen.
Hot fusion is more likely to succeed, but it will be a decades-long quest costing billions of dollars.
If you're being reimbursed, it's not costing you anything.
The only thing this program is doing is costing more money in the long run.
Some businesses lament this fact when bad reviews start costing them business.
We're conditioned to think of fancy racing bikes costing that much, but not commuters.
Syringes are cheap, costing pennies apiece, but they require trained staff.
There is also no problem in a journal costing something.
Maritime piracy is at an all-time high, and it is costing businesses and ultimately consumers.
Maritime piracy is at an all-time high, and it is costing businesses and ultimately consumers.
We strive to move the concept of whole-system costing beyond building design to include site and community infrastructure costs.
Living expenses often end up costing more than tuition at the end of four years, especially at state colleges.
Those people are costing the company every day, and the sooner they are gone, the better.
Our brains have been oversized starting a couple of million years ago, costing enormous investment in biological and energy costs.
It is easy to produce and costs a fraction of what nano materials are costing now.
Biofuels are a scam and a myth, already costing us in higher food costs.
Costing strategies could be created to make these installations attractive to individual home and business owners.
And if history is any guide, the coming taxpayer-financed bailout will end up costing a lot of money.
His office estimates metal theft is costing the state's economy millions of dollars each year.
In the past, such strikes have lasted for days, costing the market millions of dollars in losses.
Chen chipped out of the rough and knocked the ball with his club on the follow-through, costing him two strokes.
Experts say our expanding girth is killing us and costing the health-care system billions.

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