cost effective in a sentence

Example sentences for cost effective

Rechargeable batteries are more cost effective than throwaway batteries over the long term.
It is more cost effective and more efficient as well.
Develops multi-year strategy to expand planned gifts effort, ensuring that efforts are cost effective.
If a book is recalled more than once every four years or so, it's not cost effective to put it in remote storage.
Tools and techniques have evolved to provide this at a more reliable and cost effective manner.
Unfortunately, even programs proven to be cost effective are vulnerable to cuts.
It would help in reaching the audience in a cost effective and accurate manner.
In the mean time, fission is proven and cost effective.
But cryogenic superconducting coils are unlikely to be a cost effective answer to lowering costs.
So ultimately the only way to be more cost effective will be to squeeze more electricity out of your panels.
But the technology has always encountered hurdles that keep it from being as practical and cost effective as batteries.
Recycle the plastic, that would be more cost effective.
If it the tests had showed that nukes were great to use at construction sites and were cost effective then sweet, let's use them.
Solar and wind power aren't nearly as cost effective or efficient as nuclear power.
In every single case, better environmental policy was only implemented when there were cost effective alternatives.
These devices are not cheap, cost effective, or safe.
Researchers have already solved one conundrum by developing cost effective ways to break down cellulose.
Question to ask is implementing such strategies cost effective for our society.
Costly, but if you only were going to use them once, more cost effective.
Cost effective machining and inspection of structural ceramics.
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