cost of living in a sentence

Example sentences for cost of living

Low cost of living, small country with lots to see and easy living.
We live comfortably but not luxuriously in a high cost of living state.
The state's reasonable cost of living, he adds, makes it possible for many residents to live comfortably on lower salaries.
Reasons include low cost of living, climate, friendly residents and good medical care.
We are not located in a major urban center, which means our cost of living is low.
Costs are constantly increasing for higher education more that any index of cost of living and inflation.
Instead of having to take politically risky votes on salary hikes, they pegged their pay to the city's cost of living.
Consider cost of living expenses, as well as tuition, when choosing a school.
Cost of living is high, there are many hidden taxes, and real wages have been stagnating.
The influx of well-paid expatriates who drive up the cost of living can cause tensions with the local population.
Workers and people on social security don't get cost of living increases.
It seems absurd to seek a reduction in within-profession inequality at the cost of living standards for the actual poor.
The opportunities are better, and the cost of living is cheaper.
Elevation of the standard of living and a reduction in the cost of living.
The comforts of a small town with the amenities of a big city are at your fingertips at a lower cost of living.
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