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Academics have struggled to place a price tag on the cost of treating those carrying around too much weight.
The majority of players elected to impose a penalty even when it cost them some of their own money.
In our area, cost is about the same as the price of a parking-lot tree.
The price of an illegal substance is determined more by the cost of distribution than of production.
In the past, he said, green roofs have cost about twice the price of conventional roofs.
The cost of doing business began to drop three years ago, driven by sinking supply and utility costs.
The cost of telecommunications has fallen worldwide.
And retiring infrastructure early would mean that avoiding dangerous climate change would cost much more money.
It is the real cost of projects actually completed and in operation.
The size and cost of batteries are already coming down and with gov support, things will get better, even faster.
Your client receives a gift they'll really enjoy, and you add a cost effective marketing tool that promotes your business.
The bad news, of course, is that all this creativity comes with a cost.
As usual, the main bone of contention has been the question of who bears the cost.
Research continues, however, into improving the tiles' energy efficiency and cost.
Once you change a design the irrigation also needs to be changed and the cost of plants is high.
Better start saving for that dream vacation in space because it'll cost you.
The subject is the interplay between cost and quality.
Moving up the cost ladder are the private universities.
Air-conditioning has transformed summer living, but at tremendous energy cost.
Complex projects of any kind-not only in the space program-always cost more than anticipated.
Something that would stand out in the sea of aging desert bungalows, but that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg.
Kodak markets this as a low cost printer, citing lower than average per-page consumable costs.
Sharp exchange-rate movements since the autumn have affected the relative cost of living in the world's main cities.
The cost of curbing greenhouse gases emissions is tiny compared to the economic catastrophe of inaction, some experts argue.
See how to get the look of built-in floating shelves, with less cost and more flexibility.
Even the stronger party in a case has a strong incentive to settle, to avoid the time and cost.
The other methods cost significantly more and usually cause more ecological damage.
Cost has often been an obstacle to homeowners wishing to install solar tiles.
Nuclear power plants are expensive to build but provide a low cost to operate over the life of the plant, once it is in service.
Cost is a major limiting factor in the development of solar farms.
Yet too much debate is fixated on reducing emissions without regard to cost.
Ten resolutions could globally ensure a basic human right at almost unnoticeable cost.
The new mileage estimates mean it will take longer to recoup that extra cost in money saved on gas.
With the cost of home insurance skyrocketing, second-home owners are facing even higher premiums.
Every couple of years, it seems, there's an uproar over the cost of scientific journals.
He would recognize the cost of his abuses against nature, and he would finally begin to try to make amends.
Having abundant natural light in the kitchen is so important and will be well worth the cost and effort of the installation.
The tax code permits deductions for business expenses, including the cost of business travel.
In today's tough economy, more people are questioning why colleges cost so much.
Then there's the additional cost of connecting the offshore farms to the grid.
Renwick conceived the central portion with three stories, but one of those floors was lost to preconstruction cost cutting.
Your local water provider may even offer a rebate to help defray the cost.
Cross-country moves are obviously more expensive than a regional relocation, and this cost can be estimated fairly well.
State programs leave underinsured children behind as number and cost of vaccines rises.
Lithium batteries cost more but last five times longer and are lighter weight than the traditional type.
Respondents to the student survey who did not enroll in college cited its cost as a key factor.
The cost of a photovoltaic panel is declining steadily.
Nevertheless, the growing understanding that serious climate-control measures are feasible at modest cost is welcome.
The cost of living is still fairly reasonable if you avoid buying a car.
After that its cost should decrease by a considerable amount.
Each item had to be scrupulously weighed because each cost its weight in fuel.
But even so, it's enough to cover the additional cost of the intensive math program.
It is one of numerous planned eco-cities around the world that have fizzled, many because of cost.
The energy savings ultimately offset the cost of the bulb.
Politicians have acknowledged the crippling cost of medicine, yet their proposals do little to fix these basic flaws.
For archaeologists and art experts, the cost will be high.
Convenience, cost, and reusability will determine which containers you use.
High cost of land is no detriment, provided the value is made by the pressure of people seeking residence there.
The cost of a wedding varies as much as the cost of anything else that one has or does.
Whence all this mighty cost and blaze of wealth could spring.
It took four years to get a report of what it would cost to tear it down.
He intended to paint his house in the spring and sat by the stove calculating the cost of paint and labor.
The principal injury lies in the psychic exertion which they cost, and in the further exertion needed to combat them.
It has commonly cost him all his peace, and the best of his manly attributes.
They furnished a school of martial qualities at small cost to liberty.
Gas thus performs work, and this work is produced at the cost of its heat.
Archer felt that at any cost he must keep her beside him, must make her give him the rest of her evening.
The cost difference is made up by the cost of the tower, fluid handling equipment, and the turbine.
But population and cost pressures are destined to resurrect the hinterlands.
We have done a lot of work with governments to determine how they can get low-cost broadband and low-cost computers to teachers.
On the other hand, the incremental cost of enforcing an additional contract is loose change.
It's true that the cost of solar electricity has declined over the past ten years.
Yet the cost of the cells, once astronomical, is still high.
The efforts highlight the quest to find low-cost alternatives to safely detect underground explosives.
Surgery is required to fix the injury, often at the cost of the dogs' sight.
Discuss the cost of transporting goods, especially over great distances.
Many local, state and federal rebate and incentive programs exist to offset the initial cost of energy-efficient appliances.
Such chases cost the hunter a tremendous amount of energy and are usually over in less than a minute.
As a result, they cost more than the roses and petunias found at big-box home improvement stores.
However, the cost of shipping and the estimated value of the donations are usually tax-deductible.
Their goal is to develop alternative energy technologies that will cost no more than fossil fuels.
Ye be invited to a pirate festival and it won't cost a king's ransom.
The sticker shock doesn't end with the cost of tickets, however.
Three of the nation's biggest low-cost carriers rolled out broad fare sales today for fall travel.
In discussing treatments, cancer doctors plan to include cost.
The cost of producing aerogel outweighs the benefits of its use as a replacement for mechanical parts on a space rover.
Solar power via the moon is absolutely workable and cost-effective.
Researchers have taken big steps on both the cost and storage challenges.
Remember, computers started out the size of office floors and cost many millions.
Better to fund entrepreneurs who can drive down the cost of orbital launches.
The cost of renewables is well over a buck and half a kwh when the gas backup is replaced with green storage.
The initial cost is higher because the research and development needed to bring it online.
Future facilities will require not only more efficient reactors but also lower-cost construction.
But delays and cost overruns are nothing new for projects of unprecedented scale.
The money is designed to help cover athletes' total cost of attendance, which full scholarships do not meet.
Or a registration process that doesn't cost you days away from your job.
And the high cost of capital is going to be one more reason for enormous downward pressure on the economy.
The market cost of the unit averages out at a penny per ten liters of water purified.
Basically these problems concern decreasing the cost of transportation and increasing its safety.
Its complexity rivals the finest gins on the market, some of which cost four times as much as a lowly bottle of vodka.
So here's a low-cost plan, even if it won't win envy points at the country club.
The idea was that drivers themselves should bear some of the cost the roads they used.
But another risk factor in maritime piracy is the cost of doing business.
In other words, drug addicts cost the country more than recovering drug addicts.
Those figures do not include the effects of the small business tax credit on the cost of purchasing insurance.
The cost of a blockbuster does not vary based on the size of the studio producing it.
But the economic cost to fisherman, restaurants and tourist hubs could run billions of dollars higher.
Altogether this means yet another significant increase in speed and reduction of the cost of genome-level sequencing.
But for any of you to read that article would cost you dearly.
Large companies benefit from big cost savings because existing laws allow them to group workers together in large risk pools.
By a wide margin, the biggest threat to our nation's balance sheet is the skyrocketing cost of health care.
The expedition is expected to cost several million dollars, much of which he has raised from corporate partners.
The truth is, no cost-benefit calculus will tell us whether all that money is well spent.
Those tactics worked politically, but at great cost to the country.
Another sign this is the case is the unsustainable growth in the cost of health care.
The answer is that nothing in nature comes for free-and where the brain is concerned, the cost can be enormous.
Researchers say this longtime bane of offshore drilling is more cost-efficient than wind and solar.
The cost of equipment can be a barrier to entering science.
Unfortunately, agrochemicals cost too much to produce.
The high cost of fuel this past year seriously damaged our economy and society.
It cost a ton of money, and continues to cost a ton of money.
They have to be efficient, cost-effective and resistant to interruptions or failure.
The cost of this is trivial compared to the cost of a space program.
When you take time out of your day to vote, you're paying a small cost to help a larger group.
GM teams with a startup aiming to produce low-cost biofuels.
New direct-drive turbines promise to lower the cost of offshore wind energy.
The low-cost cells make their debut on electronics-charging bags.
The new approaches significantly lower the cost of making high-end crystalline silicon for highly efficient solar cells.
But their high cost and reliability problems have kept them from widespread commercial use.
Organic x-ray panels could bring down the cost of medical imaging.
Before buying beef, think about the immense cost of energy used to raise cattle and to transport meat to your supermarket shelf.
There were endless complaints about cost and arguments over casting, and the films were sometimes recut against his wishes.
It's the hours that people spend on the day that cost you money.
The cost of deepwater drilling is close to twice that in shallow water.
Ignoring the cost to taxpayers, it was an enormous success.
For now, though, the bladeless fan will cost as much as a couple of weeks' worth of groceries.
Leaks cost money, but so does making property leak-resistant, so you have to calculate your risks.
The cost advantage of public health insurance appears to arise from two main sources.
With slow and continual increases of fuel cost, energy consumption will decline.
Rising foreign interest rates undermined their creditworthiness and increased the cost of servicing their debt.
The first human genome took fifteen years to decode and cost about a billion dollars.
Payment is based on the reasonable cost of providing services.
Instead of having to take politically risky votes on salary hikes, they pegged their pay to the city's cost of living.
It does not include the cost of new trains, maintenance facilities and other expenses.
If the repair cost is more than the quotient, then you're better off buying new.
It's interesting to note that as the number of jobs that are permitted has increased, the average cost of each job has fallen.
Offer three ideas of your own and, if they would cost the state money, explain how you would pay for them.
My view is that it's sound public-health policy to expand low-cost access to contraception.

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