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Despite the setbacks, spacecraft continue to probe the solar system and plumb the cosmos.
The universe is the matter within the cosmos which also existed in one form or another.
He was blinded by the sheer glory of the new cosmos that was unveiled by science during the first two decades of his life.
Astronomy is certainly a science and the methods used to study the cosmos are absolutely experimental in design.
His cosmos is stocked with the usual emotions, but they come in the form of adventures.
If proven by further evidence and scrutiny, the model would represent a major discovery about the nature of the cosmos.
She also ponders the makeup of dark matter, unseen particles that have shaped the growth of the entire cosmos.
The building blocks of life may be more than merely common in the cosmos.
More has been learned about the cosmos in the past century than in all prior human history.
The moon is a great way to begin touring the cosmos.
For years the cosmos and the atom have been at odds with one another.
The majority of astronomers believe the cosmos is expanding in the aftermath of an initial cataclysm.
Journey into the depths of outer space in this five-disc voyage throughout the cosmos.
Astronomers have peered billions of years back in time to make detailed maps of the early cosmos.
Building a toy cosmos in the lab lets physicists run otherwise impossible experiments on the nature of space and time.
Galaxies litter the cosmos by the hundreds of billions.
All in all it is a great way to connect with the cosmos.
Life's evolution is a fractal of the cosmos evolution.
These stars altered the dynamics of the cosmos by heating and ionizing the surrounding gases.
Pure hydrogen in the form of single atoms floating around in the cosmos is actually tricky stuff.
From the surface there is nothing special about this restless interface between the cosmos and the abyss.
He's still floating around in the cosmos or whatever but seems more grounded and normal.
Science has brought us to the actual physical interface between what is provable and what is not in the cosmos.
Inflation aside, there are many theories in physics for how the cosmos might end.
The more astronomers look for other worlds, the more they find that it is a crowded and crazy cosmos.
Well folks, another supporting player is being launched into the cosmos.
Missions to study the cosmos for the sake of studying the cosmos, not so much.
According to some theories, our cosmos may exist in parallel with other universes in other sets of dimensions.
And the best evidence from the distance reaches of the cosmos is that this expansion is accelerating.
Once upon a time there were no minerals anywhere in the cosmos.
It has worked in concert with other observatories to provide a multihued view of the cosmos.
Yet somehow, as the cosmos cooled, matter was not completely annihilated.
Does the cosmos know that it's timepieces can never be synchronized.
Until recently, astronomers fully expected to see gravity slowing down the expansion of the cosmos.
We still have no idea how life began, or whether life exists only here on our lonely planet or pervades the cosmos.
These are mainstream substances of the cosmos their potency is their legality.
The extension of the slinky represents the expansion of the cosmos, not the distance a photon travels.
First the invention of the telescope raised our understanding of cosmos.
Size matters when it comes to understanding the cosmos.
Don't miss out on this captivating look at the workings of the cosmos, along with spectacular images.
But it not only robs us of our window to the cosmos but also wastes energy and can affect wildlife too.
Without it, there's no explanation for much of what they see in the cosmos.
His survival guide to the end of the cosmos generated quite a few insightful letters and questions from our readers.
Imagine a group of observers scattered carelessly throughout the cosmos.
It might, for instance, explain the preponderance of matter over antimatter in the cosmos.
Scientists hunt for the unseen matter that glues together the cosmos.
In such a clubby, comfortable place, pronouncements about the origin of the cosmos seem a bit overreaching.
State-of-the-art technology barely lets us escape the planet, never mind re-create another cosmos.
Yet nothing remains an ungraspable concept, the central hole in our understanding of the cosmos.
From neutrinos to humans to the cosmos, change is constant.
In this case, the building is a thousand galaxies each with a hundred billion suns, and the environment is the cosmos itself.

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