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By then the discovery of the cosmic microwave background was transforming cosmology.
He loved the age-old mysteries surrounding the nature of matter, time and space at the heart of cosmology and metaphysics.
The current standard cosmology has no guidance, it has observed and elucidated a process.
The history of particle cosmology shows that science can benefit from wrenching changes.
Cosmology used to be a heartless science, all about dark matter lost in mind-bending abysses and exploding stars.
The first is excellent on the cosmology and physics interface and the second is great at debunking pseudoscience lunacy de jour.
His primary focus is space science, ranging from planets to cosmology.
Identifying the nature and amount of dark matter is the central problem in cosmology today.
The answer to your question may be counterintuitive but this is based on modern cosmology and relativity theory.
And so this discovery is fundamental and a milestone for cosmology.
Stars are the meat and potatoes of astronomy and cosmology.
For me, much of cosmology is equivalent to counting angels dancing on the head of a pin.
The discovery that the universe is dominated by the energy of empty space has changed everything in cosmology.
So she's doing work on what she calls the cosmology of fictional worlds.
For whatever reason, though, he began to turn away from cosmology.
Of course, his area was applied math rather than cosmology but he had worked on cosmological models.
There's something exciting afoot in the world of cosmology.
Especially the standard model and the cosmology is all false.
We live at a far remove from the medieval poet's moral cosmology.
Some of the cloudy shapes in the pictures confirmed cosmology's leading theory: that the universe was born in a fiery explosion.
The pre-bang universe has become the latest frontier of cosmology.
Cosmology was always going to be trouble for particle physics.
Inflation made so much sense that it quickly became a part of the mainstream model of cosmology.
It pushed us to get as much data as possible, and helped usher in the era of precision cosmology.
Anyway, tonight the cosmology group took me out for dinner and drinks.
My research focuses on the interface between particle physics and cosmology.

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Art has no cosmology, it gives us no view of the universe; every distinct work of art gives us a little more
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