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The cortical and subcortical areas don't develop properly in abused children.
The kidney is composed of an internal medullary and an external cortical substance.
These are the follicles in their earliest condition, and the layer where they are found has been termed the cortical layer.
Most scholars concerned with the material basis of consciousness are cortical chauvinists.
Lazar has found that meditation may help prevent the rate of cortical thinning with age.
Hippocampal scans turned up more of the marker than the cortical images.
When she said that the phantom was approaching her face, they observed an increase in visual cortical activity.
Brain scans show that, compared to a real tickle, cortical areas that process sensation are less active during a self-tickle.
The involved cortical layers still sought unique connections.
In point of fact, as long as they are sticking to cortical functional units it's pretty unlikely they'd get that anyway.
Among them, it relays visual information from the eyes to higher cortical visual areas.
But not everybody ages the same way-and not everyone, it turns out, suffers from memory decline and cortical thinning.
They then isolated cortical neurons from these mice and exposed the neurons to a variety of chemicals.
In essence, they want to decipher the cortical persistent differences between high-delayers and low-delayers.
But the brain's ability to redraw its own cortical maps on the fly is not limited to routing around damage.
The phenomenon, observed before only in animal experiments, is called cortical spreading depression.
The cortical thinning seems to fit the definition as a warning flag.
Cortical implants are already being tested in human patients.

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