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Whether self-awareness simply emerges from a large cortex or whether selection for it necessarily results in one is unclear.
Music only excites us when it makes our auditory cortex struggle to uncover its order.
When doctors asked her to think of playing tennis, areas of her motor cortex leapt to life.
Instead, they are sent to the prefrontal cortex for longer-term storage.
The grooves and folds in the cerebral cortex are called convolutions.
Whether headache is initiated by the brain stem, by the cortex or by the subcortex remains an active debate.
On the one hand, it's not exactly shocking that beauty can be sourced to the cortex.
But in the long term the ultimate goal would be to place electrodes in the motor cortex of the brain.
The cerebral cortex is the structure that gives the organ its convoluted surface.
The hippocampus does so, encoding the firing sequence in the cortex and thereby consolidating the memory.
There could be several reasons why the monkey's visual cortex was active before the test was presented to them.
Some progesterone is also produced by the adrenal cortex.
The study also suggested that sleep deprivation interferes with the ability of the prefrontal cortex to make logical decisions.
The prefrontal cortex doesn't get the input it needs and is being shut down by drugs.
His brain-stem reflexes are attached to a nonfunctioning cortex.
The neurons in their primary motor cortex responded to the movements of the arm.
The brain stores memory at sites throughout the cortex.
Grey matter exists as a thin, relatively flat sheet covering the rest of the brain, and is referred to as the cortex.
In addition the cerebral cortex is concerned with conscious life.
Whether higher neurons convey the pain impulses to the cortex through the internal capsule is uncertain.
The cells were located in the cortex, the brain region that controls attention and planning in humans and other mammals.
Some of the probes linked to the auditory cortex, providing the researchers with a detailed window into sound processing.
When the experimental subjects were exposed to the cost of the product, their insula and prefrontal cortex were activated.
The typical neural protein only lasts for a few weeks, the cortex in a constant state of reincarnation.
Unlike us, specific regions of an octopus' motor cortex don't correspond to specific parts of its body.
In reality, huge swaths of the cortex are involved in every aspect of cognition.
Pyramidal neuron in medial prefrontal cortex of macaque.
Working memory, housed in the prefrontal cortex, is what allows us to do calculations in our head and reason through a problem.
The visual cortex--well, that's where visual information arrives.
Parts of the orbital frontal cortex, which is implicated in decision making, also light up.
Concentric circles, spirals, and grids are probably generated by neurons firing in the visual cortex and the retina.

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