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Rio-both the city and the state that carries its name-has been plagued by political infighting, incompetence and corruption.
Corruption in government and business contributes to a growing cynicism in the population.
For numerous reasons-lack of infrastructure, corruption, inaccessible markets-the green revolution never made it here.
Others fizzled because of corruption and poor planning.
They will pay for corruption with a growl, but seem to think that virtue ought always to be had for nothing.
It is about time that someone details the conflict of interest and outright corruption in economics.
It's a controversial policy, though, as some fear corruption could enter into the admissions process.
Opacity was understood as the ally of corruption, transparency the enemy.
There is a lot of moral corruption amongst our academic leaders.
Denying evolution is a form of deliberate intellectual corruption.
Corruption is everywhere, and everybody is against it.
Greed, corruption and vengeance serve as currency of the realm.
What he finds, however, is rampant corruption and a bunch of newspapermen who enjoy shots more than they enjoy scoops.
Corruption is rampant and the central government is only keeping things moving by threat of prison and firing squad.
Learn the difference among philosophy, economics, and corruption.
In the last month, this blog has been right on the corruption of existing theories.
Quite simply you are saying capitalism is corruption.
Once it was made legal again, the violence and corruption ceased.
It is a story of corruption and people whose seed to this day should be strung up and left for the vultures.
Yes, exactly, the concept that money causes corruption or absolute power corrupts is nonsense.
The truth is that these countries do not do this type of construction largely due to corruption in their system.
There is no recovering from this level of moral and legal corruption.
And the starting-point should be to fight against corruption and other organised political crimes.
The complete corruption by the banker elite has completely co-opted our government, our system and our liberty.
When someone receives a government appointment, he is expected by family and village to take care of them via corruption.
Corruption in the country is systemic, and the revolutionaries lack unifying political principles.
Corruption and mismanagement soon prompted a state takeover of the entire city.
There he immediately began to make enemies by questioning corruption.
Corruption is insidious, and working with a camera is virtually impossible.
People might become dependant on outsiders, and corruption can become a problem.
In short, there seems to be a desire to eliminate the smell of corruption, while keeping the money.
The concerns about its credibility run deeper than last fall's elections, which were marred by widespread corruption and fraud.
Instead, he ordered a police probe and created a permanent anti-corruption unit.
They have long suffered from the state's penchant for corruption.
Corruption is the primary enemy of national development.
The government's main concern, however, appears to be corruption.
He decided to make an abstract model of social corruption.
Efforts to prevent corruption have produced the appearance of corruption.
Autocratic regimes weaken themselves by restricting free speech and allowing corruption to spread.
The problem is the continent's long history of corruption, poor infrastructure, and lack of market access.

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