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The third danger is that with foreign money and foreign wars our manners will become corrupted and debased.
Frankly, it was disappointing to see how quickly some winners were corrupted by fame.
There is a queasy suspicion that the process of discovery is in some way corrupted if it is driven by profit.
But she is no more convincingly corrupted than is the clear expression on her face.
Please ask your professors for an extension before you use a corrupted file.
Out of crushed bones and corrupted flesh a white, pyramidal hotel rose in balconied stages.
Unfortunately, such reductionist approaches have far too frequently corrupted scientific findings and reporting in the past.
And history proves that politicians and regulators are easily corrupted.
They are too easily corrupted and are never scientific.
Politically corrupted magistrates that want to govern the country, that is.
If your evidence on any one of these three points is weak or corrupted by politics, your corrective policies make no sense.
Fox as no one particularly wants to see him: cold, aloof and corrupted by power.
Unfortunately, he discovers that many of his colleagues have been corrupted by avaricious crooks.
Its hallmarks are radioactive colors, corrupted sterile and spiritual imagery, and sheer painterly bravura.
World is really corrupted and not only by public sector.
We need a strong consolidated government, not a weak and corrupted one.
But the country was, by and large, not corrupted by wealth.
She had such a desire to help her country that she was treated cruelly and unjustly by her own corrupted government.
Because it ended so fast, the series never had the chance to be corrupted by longevity, let alone malevolent network execs.
But some police chiefs forbid their patrol officers to work drug cases, for fear they will be corrupted.
My guess is that it's the latter-that he was corrupted by power.
If for some reason, this configuration is missing or gets corrupted, the easiest way to fix it is to install the program again.
Yet the movie is not some conventionally priggish tale of youthful innocence corrupted by riches.
The dark energy measurements are corrupted and the search will continue for the same reasons.
If the photo is changed at all, the digital watermark is corrupted.
And resending data that has been corrupted in transit makes transmission times even longer.
The validity of the way theoretical physicists reason is outdated and corrupted and has to be replaced.
Bad economy, corrupted politics, existential threats.
The system was sophisticated and was built by corrupted technicians.
My point is, it's not the programs but the signals that have been corrupted.
One of those and your precious file is now corrupted.
Unfortunately, this entailed a conscious decision not to continue to copy many older texts which were deemed corrupted.
Their bodies had already been corrupted by a fungus that, over the next few days, fatally erupted from their heads.
He said, by killing him they corrupted their own souls and revealed the weakness of their own belief.
They may not so much be corrupted by oil money as steeped in a culture of intensive resource exploitation.
All of us view the world from our own corrupted perspective.
So the data that shows land temperatures rising is corrupted.
We have been corrupted by a select few, ultra-powerful humans who remain out of focus.
If the students' minds have already been corrupted by their parents, then they won't listen anyway.
The hundreds of millions of dollars involved have corrupted government to the highest levels.
Another problem is that the region's mineral wealth has corrupted local politics.
Maybe the data get corrupted by inappropriate compression, or by bugs in the software that surface only under sporadic conditions.
In that century, books not only corrupted souls but also mangled bodies.
In other words, aesthetics saved his soul: beauty played a subversive role in his refusal to become one of the corrupted.
But it does seem as if their blind thirst for money had corrupted the country.
These slanders sprung from the malice of the heathens, and from our doctrines and mysteries, either corrupted or not understood.
Photius says, the heretics had corrupted this writing.
Since those days they have corrupted the legal system to their own twisted design.
Promises to judge people by the content of their character were corrupted by government-imposed quotas.
The only rational conclusion is that both parties are hopelessly corrupted.
When elections become corrupted, democracy becomes threatened.
Sometimes the downloaded data can be corrupted by interference in your communication line.
The digital data can be error checked so that line noise won't cause the data to be corrupted.
If the update process is stopped before it's finished, the values in the database can become corrupted.
The words are wonderful, but such sentiments are easily corrupted.

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