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Having arrayed himself thus hardily, he resumed his quest along the corridor.
He was in the midst of his exposition when the door from the corridor opened slowly and without noise.
Then his ears caught a louder sound from somewhere along the corridor outside.
Silent, they wince at every noise from down the corridor.
The prairie pothole region is a migratory corridor and a haven for rare plants.
In addition, a major existing transmission corridor borders the site.
Revenue from pricing could fund both highway and transit capital and operations in the corridor where the revenues are collected.
Out the door they go and turn right in the level corridor, still running.
In the corridor by his enclosure are posters and pictures from children.
We went down the corridor to see if other people would contribute.
Without a corridor connecting the patches, some species would be unable to reach necessary resources.
They also filled in the deep shafts typically cut into the ground of the tomb after the second entry corridor.
The unlikely guests spend the night on the terrace level in a service corridor.
My apartment is reached via a dark and moody corridor, but the digs themselves are delightfully spacious and airy.
What you have is a hollow tooth, creating a corridor down into the jaw itself.
He groggily undid the lock-and found a half-dozen police officers in the corridor.
Instead of sprawling out, the city would grow in a line along a public transit corridor.
Her camera goes down one weather-exposed corridor after another.
They were tried in a courtroom separated from the prison by a short corridor and up a short flight of stairs.
In a town or a city limited-access highways may exist only within a corridor, preferably in the form of parkways.
In one government building the far end of the corridor seems hazy.
The people in that corridor want it, but don't want to pay for it.
More importantly, a pipeline could form the core of a broader east- west communications corridor.
The corridor conversations at these shindigs are often more useful than the formal presentations, say the authors.
The rest of us are standing, backed into the corridor and so tightly packed that nobody can get by.
The visitor, making his entry at the narrow end of the oval, feels at first as though he is walking in a slanted corridor.
Part of the problem is that the stretch is smack in the middle of an important migration corridor for deer.
Together, they turned the desk around so it faced the door and the outer corridor.
Bill trailed me out of his office, into the corridor, out to the elevator bank.
They were in ebullient spirits as they half ran down the corridor.
The lack of interest from the general public in the story was obvious in the corridor.
The church was packed, and the overflow crowd waited eagerly in an arched corridor for a chance to enter.
Going to breakfast doesn't involve a walk down a long corridor, or an elevator ride.

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