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The rainfall thus far this season has exceeded any record of corresponding periods in past years.
In some ways, self-paced online courses are a throwback to the days when learning at a distance meant corresponding by mail.
Every rouble would be backed by a corresponding ten cents in the central-bank vaults.
Call is higher pitched than corresponding call of the herring gull.
Color is used to indicate wave intensity, red corresponding to strong waves, blue corresponding to weak waves.
When one climbs a mountain one finds changes of climate corresponding to what would be found if one were to travel northward.
Understanding issues related to the levels of student preparation, its corresponding pedagogy and student development.
Each chromosome in an individual is a chimera of the corresponding chromosomes in one of his or her parents.
Draw the symbol or symbols inherited from the corresponding round two cards.
Each type also has a corresponding antiparticle, called an antineutrino.
The improbability of such an oscillation, affecting five continents and the corresponding sea floors, is at once manifest.
If you are corresponding via e-mail, you can take it down slightly.
More complex strategies take longer to calculate and match with corresponding trades.
Place the new cards in a row directly below the corresponding cards from round two.
The corresponding wavelength would be measured in a few fermis.
Second, the main job of any particular gene is to instruct cells to make its corresponding protein.
When you're in a given situation, pull out the corresponding file.
There was a corresponding leap in real interest rates over this time period.
Each advance-the domestication of animals, irrigation, wet rice production-led to a corresponding jump in human population.
When experimenters threaten the fake hand, brain areas corresponding to threat responses and withdrawal urges become more active.
The situation is different across the country, corresponding roughly to dual orthodoxies.
It would be interesting to see the number of kids that read for pleasure and the corresponding results.
Serotonin and glutamate are two of them, and they have corresponding receptors to accept their chemical messages.
Name the category and add a corresponding contact or two.
Although consumers clearly lost out there were no corresponding overall gains for retailers.
Exact locations corresponding to patches were kept secret, to protect newly-discovered sites from looting.
It would help a lot to have the corresponding images though.
He urges cuts in welfare contributions, but has yet to show where the corresponding savings would be made.
Give each student a lanyard corresponding to the color of their team.
These words are then stored along with the links to the corresponding pages in an index file.
It is simply a question of looking in the corresponding piece of human chromosome.
Check your monitor size and download the corresponding resolution.
They are less happy to deliver the corresponding service.
Grover's algorithm would enhance the state in the system corresponding to the desired item and suppress the others.
If the long term has a lot less nuclear power in it, there will be a corresponding need for gas and probably coal.
He further notes that other bacteria have corresponding phage enzymes, too.
Corresponding provisions are set up in the balance sheet, and these increase each year to reflect the unwinding of the discount.
Another approach is to ask the user to enter a postcode or phone number corresponding to his location, but that is clunky.
And, this with a corresponding disastrous multiplier impact on aggregate demand in the wider economy.
There are four dimensions of the physical realm with four corresponding bodies.
It could mean a relatively cheap way to expand dry ice applications and their corresponding market.
With a sharp picture of potential futures and corresponding plans of action, you'll always be one step ahead.
By wearing the corresponding colors over our eyes, each eye sees a different picture.
The problem with politicians is that they plan on a five-year period, corresponding to their electoral term.
Here, you can tap a listing to open the corresponding card in the corresponding account.
Therefore for every short position there is a corresponding long position, and the market's net bet on the corporation is zero.
As they did, the investigators marked the tunnel walls with the names of the corresponding ground-level streets.
And there is a corresponding range of mating behaviors and flashing patterns.
At that time, they had been corresponding for almost forty years.
Near their points of division each sends upward an anterior perforating branch to join the corresponding dorsal metatarsal artery.
It receives tributaries corresponding with the branches of the internal maxillary artery.
The medial or nasal surface presents a longitudinal furrow, corresponding to the crest on the lateral surface.
The nerve descends almost vertically to a point corresponding with the angle of the mandible.
The arteries around the ankle-joint anastomose freely with one another and form net-works below the corresponding malleoli.
In such cases, and many others could be given, habits have changed without a corresponding change of structure.
It is a little smaller than the corresponding aperture of the opposite side, admitting only two fingers.
The veins follow the course of the corresponding arteries.
With controller objects, the prisms are given values that display thematically corresponding articles.
On the occasion corresponding to this four years ago, all thoughts were anxiously directed to an impending civil-war.
And there is a corresponding downside in some otherwise admirable health care systems that affect provider behavior in other ways.
The pen's camera maps the exact dot it is over with the corresponding exact moment of sound recording.
But there is no corresponding consensus on the costs and benefits of warming to date.
Corresponding clips from the series are played on the tiny, milky overhead screens.
For each sound they had to identify the corresponding note on the musical scale.
When bumblebees vibrate flowers to release pollen, the corresponding buzz is quite loud.
The corresponding gene in other primates plays a similar role, according to experiments with crab-eating macaques.
The edited segments were then synthesized and introduced into yeast cells, replacing the corresponding natural segments.
Using a response for which there is no corresponding stimulus is invalid, because there was no experiment.
Software detects the distance between the arms, thinning or thickening a corresponding line that appears on the screen.
The tool works without communicating with a corresponding real piece of hardware.
But election officials provide two lists--a list of codes corresponding to votes and a list of the results.
The data also shows that bike journeys between two points are shorter in distance than the corresponding journey by car.
They hide a lot of favors in thousands of pages of tax code and the hundreds of thousands of pages of corresponding regulations.
Every coin has its other side, every virtue its corresponding vice-and practically every university its festering sores.
Comfortable cabins are available to visitors, using two different seasons and corresponding rates.
Read the information below and then try your hand at the corresponding activities.
It's organized by day, so you could feasibly enjoy it all year long, reading the corresponding day's entries each evening.
Plug adapters bear a letter corresponding to the plug configuration.
Several parks are located outside the urban core, with a corresponding reduction in traffic noise and an increase in wilderness.
Consider the activities and social settings on your itinerary, and pack only the corresponding clothing and supplies.
Emotional letdowns, which can cause corresponding physical and mental breakdowns, are common afflictions of big winners.
When you cite a margin of error on a poll, cite the corresponding confidence level.
The private school in my neighborhood has already implemented such a program and the corresponding education to go with it.
Next, two dozen flags stream by as the ten-year-olds shout out the names of the corresponding countries.
When the component to be worked is placed next to such a machine, the coil induces in it a corresponding field.
But among the people who traveled, health risks increased corresponding to the amount of time spent traveling.
If the euro zone stays together, they're going to occur again, and corresponding reversals and shocks will also occur again.
When acoustic waves cause the fibre to vibrate, it produces a corresponding electrical signal that can be detected.
What was unexpected was their corresponding performance: as the length of the test increased, so did the students' scores.
To figure out what they do, you have to look at the corresponding menu.
The energy the electron loses becomes light with a frequency corresponding to a the change in energy.
Please select a service corresponding to your county.
The researchers found that the corresponding area activates almost as strongly when subjects merely think about one or the other.
If a rat is trained to recognize sounds at a particular frequency, the corresponding region of the tone map will get bigger.
There was no corresponding match with mixed breeds, however.
As a result, those genes can't make the corresponding proteins.
Usually when traits fall into disuse, their corresponding genes quickly mutate to code for something else.
Other humans would throw them the corresponding prop.
Proteins could clamp onto those segments to shut a gene down or to ramp up the production of the corresponding protein.
And second, there is nothing corresponding to motion.
Again: the key point here is geodesic deviation of geodesics corresponding to galaxies.
At the corresponding positions on the bottom edge of the next strake, they carved another series of slots.

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