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We grew up in an era when writing a thank you note or letter was considered the polite way to correspond with others.
But now they were college sophomores, too old to correspond with preteens, yet eager to write letters.
The brains of reptiles correspond more or less to the structures known in mammals as the brain stem and the cerebellum.
So researchers examined how the vocalizations might correspond with behavior.
Light-bodied, medium-bodied, and full-bodied wines correspond.
The ads will be targeted to the readers of the messages and will correspond to the text in the messages.
The links correspond to the district's elementary- and middle-school curricula.
The list of genes was shifted with respect to the expression data, so that the one did not correspond with the other.
Match gems that correspond to the enemy's shade and it'll slow their progress.
It should be clear that careers correspond to either one of the two.
Repeat it enough and each network will correspond with a single bin.
In fact, the warmest points along the fractures correspond to where two of the four jets originate.
Nodes in an evolutionary tree correspond to novel characteristics.
It's beautifully illustrated, too, with watercolors of planting plans that each correspond to a season.
The host count does not correspond to the total number of end users.
They correspond with the impressionists in the fine arts and the realists of contemporary drama.
They don't always correspond to what people think and what non-legal dictionaries say.
It does not necessarily correspond to what is usually considered money.
We shall see if air temperatures correspond in the next couple of years.
The segments of the fingerprint correspond to the length of the shots within the film.
Pink granitic rocks correspond with the pink- and brown-streaked mountain on the scroll.
Place the spices in parts of the room that will correspond to the regions of the world where the spices come from.
My worry is the dramatic increase in the number of cranial tumours that correspond to this increase.
Long and short hands correspond with hours and minutes, as you would expect.
He said a better pancreatic function seemed to correspond to a milder disease over all.
Three of these settings correspond to the primary colours red, green and blue, from which all other colours can be constructed.
Certain gamma ray frequencies correspond to the chemical signature of explosives.
Each line and space on the staff correspond to a note-the sign used to signal the duration and pitch of a sound.
The insulation industry has established ratings that correspond to regions of the country.
These correspond to the frequencies of light given off when water molecules are energetically excited.
Give each group the envelopes you prepared that correspond to the decisions they made.
The centre of the balloon does not correspond to anything physical.
Points earned also correspond to some modest benefits in real life.
The students write annual reports, correspond with company officials and learn about products in the pipeline.
In that organ, such changes correspond to increases and decreases in mental activity.
Shoppers would pay no more, backers contend, because store prices do not correspond directly to farm prices.
Changes in the price-level in the short period correspond to how changes in the volume of employment affect marginal prime costs.
The curve, to correspond to nature, should be imagined as less regular and with more orders of rhythm.
In fact, such feelings correspond neatly to the more expressive, post-modernist trend in early-music fashions of the moment.
These correspond to the amino-acid differences between the fragments, allowing a full sequence to be established.
Contrary to possible appearances, the lack of coverage does not correspond to a lack of concern on the part of regulators.
However, it does not correspond to anything scientific.
The photons with the highest energy correspond to the shortest wavelengths.
Those business cycle peaks don't correspond to presidential terms.
In the long run, however, accounting profits and taxable profits should generally correspond.
The tube and tube holders correspond to the bulb and socket of an incandescent light.
The laws of physics correspond to an organism's genes.
The yellow ones correspond to five minute increments.
Nor does economic progress broadly defined correspond to human progress any more precisely than does scientific progress.
The freaking stubborn machine again makes the x-axis correspond to age groups, and the colored bands correspond to year.
It says that the film's view of the protagonist may not correspond with his own, not that it may correspond.
Income levels largely correspond to levels of education and training.
Perhaps the leader's salary should correspond to the pressure and problems they face.
Research shows that certain allergies usually correspond to specific fruits.
It's all the more engrossing because viewers can correspond with the characters and even affect the plot.
But the genetic markers they share don't seem to correspond to anything that has to do with their ability to sponge.
Your comment does not seem to correspond with reality.
The two correspond to what you call constructive rationalism and evolutionary rationalism respectively.
My suggestion in both cases is to engage only those occupations you feel correspond to your personal morality.
The sailor has taken it upon himself to correspond with a few of the hundreds of school children.
Each of its long shafts holds disks, and each disk has wheels with ten teeth that correspond to marks in the disks.
The database entry form will correspond to the field form correspond to the field form information.
Leopold eventually went in to business for himself and soon began to correspond with the narrator's father.
Sauces correspond to certain dishes, but ignorance yields lively combinations.
The visible parts of the legs begin with what correspond to our forearms and shins.
The answer is related to two issues that correspond to the two halves of the journalistic soul, the scamp and the saint.
More often than not, such a response doesn't even correspond to the content of your e-mail.
He says concerns about crime usually correspond fairly well to the actual crime rates, and such is the case this year.
These phases are of varying length, but they more or less correspond to the four quadrants of the clock.
But this linguistic regime does not necessarily correspond to the present situation.
Those habits are deeply grounded, and some of them correspond to much-treasured values.
The prevalence of mobile homes does not correspond with the prevalence of poverty, or with much of anything else.
The changes in the deformation of the bats' ears can correspond to different echolocation beam patterns.
Unfortunately there are many reasons why an individual's answer may not correspond to the facts.
The neural networks in the brain correspond to the hardware of the computer.
For example many attributes that females prefer in males correspond to the ability to acquire resources.
In the same way, any such lines in our continuum correspond to many points in motion.
It is probably formed by the coalescence of two ganglia which correspond to the seventh and eighth cervical nerves.
The outer inhibitions which are to be overcome in the hearer correspond to the inner inhibitions of the wit producer.
The veins are of large size, and correspond with the arteries.
To be under the general law is great, for that is to correspond with it.
But you're using many concepts from civilization and law and expecting the animals to correspond to it.
Unlike us, specific regions of an octopus' motor cortex don't correspond to specific parts of its body.
Luckily, they correspond with three terrific articles well worth reading.
Unfortunately, micro producers financial need do not correspond to what is usually offered by micro credit funding.
The elements form spokes that correspond to the original table's columns.
When you have interested parties, correspond with them about any questions or concerns.
Keep in mind that ratings correspond to percentages of available households.
Part of growing up is to see that, even if our beliefs are partly true, they do not correspond in a simple way to the world.
The locations of the existing square towers do not seem to correspond to the scene shown in the lithograph.
The usual procedure when replying to an article or review is to correspond with the magazine that originally printed it.
Such divisions among ideas do not correspond to their regions of origin.
Her periods of procrastination appear to correspond with periods when her drinking got out of control.
Times of life when males are swimming in testosterone--for example, after reaching puberty--correspond to when aggression peaks.
What remain in certain animal reservoirs are ancient strains, or biovars, which seem to correspond to each of the three pandemics.
The former seems to correspond to knowledge and the latter to raw problem solving abilities.
That's fascinating and especially interesting in the way that weekend feelings correspond across cultures.
Decreased activity there, the researchers suggest, might correspond to a release of tension and inhibition.
They do not correspond to any phenomena that the experts are discussing.
The highest frequency radio sources correspond to rotational speeds of several hundred revolutions per second.
Conversely, on that basis, a reduction of possibilities should correspond to a convergent tendency.
Not surprisingly, these characteristics often correspond to what experts already understand about good photographs.
He notes that some study subjects were outliers whose methylation did not correspond as closely to age.
Since not every voter will verify their results, you can't determine that the unverified votes correspond to real voters.
However, this slab is punctured by a hexagonal array of holes that correspond to the position of the polystyrene beads.
They place magnets in the mouth and these to measure changes in the magnetic field around the mouth that correspond to movement.
The independent evidence and details of the confession are not required to correspond in every particular.
He or she will e-mail you back, and you'll correspond.
They are positioned in rows that correspond to the floors of the building where the victims were when the bomb exploded.
They found that the levels of arsenic and antimony correspond to decidedly terrestrial, not cosmic, concentrations.
We ask that you remember your volunteer by continuing to correspond with him or her over your summer months.
Once the appeal is filed, however, only co-appellants in the pending appeal may correspond.
The buttons below correspond to sub-menus that roughly correspond to your functional area.

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