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They don't want anything censored for political correctness.
Sensitivity and political correctness regarding the names of athletic teams has officially reached a ridiculous peak.
Political correctness will not pay off that lawsuit.
Sue either didn't know or didn't care that political correctness had changed the tenor of language elsewhere.
Minority status isn't conclusive evidence against the correctness of one's views, but it might serve to supply a little humility.
Because political correctness blinds people to the obvious.
What matters is the correctness of the data and the intellectual power of the arguments.
However, in science, one would argue about the correctness or incorrectness of a theory.
They should not follow political-correctness, or even our initial gut feelings.
Please don't let political correctness, or greed your sole motivating factor.
Knowledge is acquired through investigation and the dialectical and not from denial or political correctness.
Population control is the only single answer, all the rest is political correctness gone mad.
The correctness of a scientific result or theory is never determined by a vote or poll.
Thus the real problem is not diversity of education, or factual correctness on tests, though these are easiest to measure.
Seeing its success, politicians abandoned political correctness.
Politicians should prize value for money above political correctness or rhetorical flourish.
The impulse survives, much diminished, in the vocabulary of political correctness.
Their teachers have frequently publicly shown miracles to prove the correctness of their message and veracity of their teachings.
Guess that's what our political correctness leaves us with.
Not sure why, perhaps political correctness dampening open discussion.
It's dangerous to let political correctness dominate the findings, as that's a guaranteed way to obscure the truth.
Because if so then you proved me wrong about a difference in political correctness in propaganda during and after the war.
Physical correctness is clearly not a requirement for a precise mathematical formulation of a theory.
It then reads the data back in and checks its correctness.
Examiner: a staffing expert with overall responsibility for the correctness of the examining process.

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