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Additional charges will be incurred to make corrections.
Ask students not to make corrections or censor what they write.
It never helps to get reminders of bad behavior and corrections.
Also, people keep mentioning corrections and leash corrections.
Publishers of pod and digital books have no need to wait for a new print run in order to make corrections.
It's not unusual for the paperback edition of a book to include some corrections from the hardcover.
Double spacing goes back to a pre-computer time when editors and teachers wanted to make corrections on paper.
Intellectual corrections, however, often proceed to the point where they need their own corrections.
But if a writer starts spotting such perceived blemishes in typeset pages, expensive corrections will need justification.
He acknowledges there have been some course corrections along the way.
Please don't wait until the day after the proofs are due back and then offer to read me all your corrections over the phone.
Then go through the manuscript and make all the easy corrections, from grammatical errors to mismatched citations.
In the end the committee failed me without the possibility to make corrections and defend again.
In grading papers, you should give students the option of getting back highly detailed corrections if they so want it.
Though such errors are inevitable, there may be a way to let speech-recognition programs take the pain out of making corrections.
Two corrections have been made to the piece since it was first published.
Think of the jobs this would create as positions were backfilled and corrections officers hired.
The global nature of temperature changes as a snowflake floats in a cold fog does not seem to explain the dislocation corrections.
Pretty impressive that there weren't any course corrections needed over such a long journey.
Self-corrections allow a mind to better align itself with reality.
Result: a series of tragically inhumane population corrections.
Feel free to offer corrections and tips of your own in the comments.
Thanks for comments and corrections, much appreciated.
By the turn of the century corrections are likely to be the largest item in many state budgets.
Probation and corrections officials, too, are starting to work with communities.
After the reviewers provide commentary, the journal editor forwards this feedback to the professor, who makes corrections.
In school my papers were filled with missing and misspelled words and always came back dripping with red corrections.
There is always the possibility that the inheritor could write his own book offering his own corrections.
Thus the corrections carefully noted above, which don't change the nature of the interaction.
The impact of subsequent corrections and clarifications pale in comparison to the impressions that are first formed.
He wrote often-constantly, in fact-and he wrote fast, frequently without the benefit of a second draft or even corrections.
Our commission was troubled to find that overreliance on solitary confinement is a hallmark of too many corrections systems today.
At the same time, these corrections are not a way of rewriting the stories.
In the remaining corrections, the corrected or added words appear in italics.
Even the warden and corrections officers attest that for fourteen years she's been a model prisoner.
As soon as they sold one edition of a work, another would appear, featuring additions and corrections by the author.
Sarrazin has also quietly made a number of small corrections.
If the technology proves itself in these studies, it could represent an advance over existing surgical corrections for glaucoma.
So it's easy to imagine that volatility should also be a good predictor of financial crises, when the biggest corrections occur.
If they have successfully developed a model to time significant market corrections, of course they aren't going to publicize it.
The only humans they see with any regularity are corrections officers.
When corrections were made in both steps, the signal stabilized.
The big corrections are dose rate, type of radiation, and the differences between the populations who are exposed.
He has made corrections and revisions and has made coherent arguments.
It'll have to have engines of its own for the necessary orbital corrections.
Thank you for confirming that it's common for journals to reject corrections for spurious reasons.
It's easy for some ignorant outsider to go through your data and pounce on some of those corrections and call you a liar.
About the third peak, well again this is the regime where relativistic corrections enter.
None of us would argue that this data is perfect, and the corrections are often plausible.
Thanks for the corrections, but this seems to be avoiding the point.
The state's overcrowded corrections system is in crisis.
Human-rights groups accused corrections officers of shooting inmates indiscriminately, even those who had surrendered.
And you also have the right to ask questions and make corrections to those records as warranted.
And last-minute corrections are done in a single day instead of a week.
The new law gave consumers the right to know what was in their credit files and to demand corrections.
Corrections refers to the supervision of persons arrested for, convicted of, or sentenced for criminal offenses.
Many corrections-related reports and statistical materials are available from this site.

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