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Example sentences for corpus

There is no final text, only an unfinished manuscript corpus.
They added up to a corpus of civilization, a series whose import had real stakes.
With this book, it has entered the corpus of social and art history.
The results from individual experiments must always be compared to a larger corpus of data.
But it seems to me that the explosion of writing online in the past few years ought to provide a worthy corpus to work with.
Here are some of the words proportional to their frequency in the corpus.
Even with the aid of computers, however, the problem of scale becomes daunting as the size of the corpus increases.
Of that vast corpus, few are universally judged to be successful.
They tirelessly search the entire historical published corpus of science for any semantic meaning.
Thus, the corpus of knowledge derived through science.
By now they must have the largest face recognition corpus on the planet.
But the corpus of cultural materialist theory is evolutionistic.

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