corpulence in a sentence

Example sentences for corpulence

By the end of their fortnight layover, some birds achieve outright corpulence, their breasts swaying pendulously with every step.
Corpulence brings a variety of health problems, from arthritis and diabetes to heart attacks.
Farouk used to ride around in it to display his royal corpulence to his adoring subjects.
His movements are sullen and lumbering, his face numbed by corpulence, his natural resting expression a look of confusion.
Moreover, there is a correlation between corpulence and economic deprivation.
He was about five feet eight and one-half inches tall, and later in his life he tended to corpulence.
The current dummy sizes do represent variations in length but do not cover variations in corpulence and other body proportions.
The corpulence which seemed the result of good living was only the effect of ill health.

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