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However, to get there in one piece required a preserved body, so people who could afford it wished to have their corpse mummified.
But this particular caterpillar is already dead, and its corpse has been protected by two unseen and unlikely partners.
She had conceived him while she fluttered in the form of a hawk over the corpse of her dead husband.
In that case it had as much effect as applying revitalising body cream to a corpse.
No, he is dead, his corpse is there to be seen and buried.
Bereft of a body, you don't have a vampire anymore, since technically it's a reanimated corpse.
Officers searching a coffin and a corpse for contraband.
The story of a famous corpse gets a surprising twist.
There's something disorientating about seeing a prosthetic corpse being opened up.
When it kills, a corpse becomes a lethal and untouchable reservoir of contagion.
Two bungled attempts were made to dispose of the corpse.
That's because the narwhal, also known as the corpse whale, may be slightly more sensitive to habitat changes.
Obviously, if a bigfoot corpse turned up tomorrow, science would be delighted to accept bigfoot as a reality.
After an enemy dies off, you can set your crew of soldiers to eating their corpse to get bonus items and extra health.
First, ants are more likely to put a corpse where there already are a bunch of corpses.
Even allowing for the punctured forehead, his corpse looked old and tired.
After a few weeks, spores fall from the now fully eaten corpse to infect other ants and continue the fungus' life cycle.
The corpse is believed to be that of the boat's captain, killed after his vessel was hijacked.
But the head wounds visible on almost every corpse testified otherwise.
Even after his corpse was tossed overboard, some said it circled the boat three times before sinking.
Months afterwards her dismembered corpse was recovered from a beach cave.
Heaven knows what harm a corpse might suffer from an unlicensed coffin.
We all file by silently, glancing at his bloated, waxen corpse.
The corpse had no broken bones, its skull was intact, and it had a full set of teeth.
There was still much to learn about normal human biology, the thinking went, so every corpse was an educational opportunity.
But the plush alien animal corpse proved so popular that a cry went up from fans for somebody to make the joke a reality.
Our pair of heroes steps over the guard's bloodied corpse.
But after two hours of searching, he couldn't find the corpse.
To be as safe as possible, get far away from a corpse the second it hits the ground.
Beside her on the mattress, a fire-flayed corpse: the remains of her last lover.
Suddenly, in the shadow of a tree, they came upon an unburied corpse.
The sheriff found his corpse two weeks later, a mile from our farm.
The smell is a mélange of midsummer corpse with fried-liver overtones and a distinct fecal note.
The curse specifically warns against disturbing the tomb or placing another corpse in it.
The pattern of burn marks on her bones showed that after she died, her family burned the corpse, then smashed the bones.
Then they had laid the corpse upon it and lit a fire.
The corpse is then dragged to a safe location where the beetle devours the soft inner tissue.
It also helps the fungus extend the usefulness of the ant corpse.
People keep trying to freshen up the corpse, but it's been rotting all along and is starting to stink up the joint.
The room, which had descended into a subaqueous silence emanating from the corpse, is now fiercely active.
But it's better known as a corpse flower because it gives off an odor of rotting flesh.
No charges have been filed but police are looking at possible health code violations for transporting a corpse.
It was a strange funeral, the dropping of that viewless corpse into the damp hole.
And when his disciples heard of it, they came and took up his corpse, and laid it in a tomb.
The saint returning home found his monks in great affliction, and the corpse laid out in order to be buried.
In its sculptural immobility, it appears as likely to be the face of a corpse as of a living being.
And the corpse was generally left to be eaten by wild dogs.
When the diners finally file out, the corpse of a lion is sprawled across the table.
In some ways, you know, he's become a political corpse.
The consensus appears to be that when you try to defrost a frozen corpse you get mush.
Morticians employ fillers to restore a corpse's shape, and when they're done you cannot tell that an autopsy has been performed.
But the fact remains that the liveliest part of this film is a corpse.
At this point, the corpse would have decomposed enough that the limbs and head could be easily broken off, he noted.
Eventually a red giant's gas envelope will slough off entirely, leaving behind a dense stellar corpse known as a white dwarf.
Both the tomb's location and the textile offer evidence for the apparently elite status of the corpse, he added.
In a further complication, the corpse is still entangled in the fishing net that captured it.
He was swiftly executed, his bullet-ridden corpse crammed into an abandoned refrigerator.
Better to be prepared when the next rotting corpse presents itself.
Antifreeze much better than anything in your car is now pumped into a client's corpse.

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