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But to keep track of the uniforms, the corps has adopted a modern approach.
The corps was a military expedition, an invading army without the gooey unpleasantness of a real campaign.
Anybody who's been in the submarine corps will appreciate that.
But the corps further concluded that such scouring would deepen the river enough to accommodate even a huge flood.
Onerous security has already constrained what once was an excellent corps of political officers.
No need to put anymore corps in the middle which is our problem, too many parasites taking a cut.
For me that explains the swaggering esprit de corps so often commented on by impressed visitors.
He maintains that notching would destroy the chances of ever completing the dam-something that the corps denies.
Something must be done about these giant corps before they make the entire world over in their image.
The officer corps understands what is required of them.
There are many dancers who are happy enough to be in the corps de ballet.
Computer graphics is glamorous work, so they get to comb the student corps for talent, too.
She started with a dedicated corps of sort of right-wing true believers who killed themselves for her, and got her going.
The large corps purchase power from politicians with campaign contributions.
To its credit, the officer corps has responded not with excuses but with introspection.

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