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Narrowed arteries indicate the presence of coronary artery disease.
Lasers that did not work inside coronary arteries, found great success improving the eye sight of many.
Forty per cent of coronary-disease patients and sixty per cent of asthma patients receive incomplete or inappropriate care.
He used the femoral-to-aorta-to-coronary conduit to slip a tiny balloon into a patient's partially blocked coronary artery.
High intake of soy protein has been linked to lower rates of coronary heart disease.
The device picks up a subtle abnormality in electrical current that occurs when one of the coronary arteries is blocked by a clot.
Most heart attacks are caused by a blood clot that blocks one of the coronary arteries.
It can help diagnose or exclude the presence of coronary artery disease and helps demonstrate how the heart works during exercise.
The risks for coronary artery disease increase with age.
Overweight and obesity have been linked to ailments ranging from coronary artery disease to some types of cancer.
Maybe regular exercise and eating right keeps more than my coronary arteries clean.
So you have reduced vessel size and reduced blood flow to the coronary vessels.
It raises one's bad cholesterol, which boosts the risk of coronary disease.
They're already providing useful snapshots of the coronary arteries, colon and lungs.

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