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The original plaster ceiling is intact and has egg and dart molding, and a cornice with acanthus leaf and leaf and dart molding.
Staff architects designed a long, low brick building, undecorated except for a delicately corbeled brick cornice.
Above this the cornice is corbeled out on brick work, but the attic pediment slopes back in ribbons of granite.
Not long ago, there was a wind-driven cornice of snow on that bank.
The angels were largely spared any damage, sheltered by a five-foot projecting cornice.
The weight of a falling cornice breaks into hundreds of pieces and forms its own avalanche.
The windows of the building are covered by hood moulds and the building also features an iron cornice.
The cornice features near its base, a band of decorative panels with a circular medallion in the center of each panel.
There is a decorative cornice at the roofline supported by fluted wooden brackets and adorned with dentils.
With the lunettes directly above this cornice, it was necessary to have a subdued color.
Where eave or cornice vents are installed, insulation shall not block the free flow of air.
The original wood cornice shall not be wrapped in metal as proposed.
He explained they propose to replace the cornice on the existing building.
He showed an old photo of the building with the cornice.
The double door entry with bracketed entry portico and repeated cornice detail is distinctive.
Cornice has been removed and fifth floor is set b cornice line.
The cornice terminates at top in two straight lines, one above the other.
The brick walls are articulated with string courses and arched window caps and crowned with a metal cornice.
Across the top spans an entablature excluding frieze relief, and a second cornice directly above the-entablature.
Cornice returns made of wood are missing from the primary elevation but are intact in the rear.
The hip roof is covered with asphalt shingle and has a deeply molded wooden cornice over one course of rowlock.
The dentil cornice surrounding the roofline is continued on the pediment and cornice returns.
There is a corbelled cornice line on the south elevation and a corbelled interior chimney on the east elevation.

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