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The building has always been considered the cornerstone of our downtown.
Before long, kin selection was a cornerstone of evolutionary biology.
The cornerstone of this conversion is a diesel engine.
Accurate diagnosis is the cornerstone of medical care.
Merrill is seen as a cornerstone of a strategic push into new markets.
Imitation and re-interpretation is a cornerstone of art.
Prevention has always been a cornerstone of pediatrics, more so than in almost any other medical specialty.
But they're a cornerstone of the surveillance society, and they've proved an important weapon in law enforcement's arsenal.
Others are fighting to rescue a time capsule embedded in the cornerstone.
That's why he prizes stability and economic development as his cornerstone.
Indeed, the efficiency of a random market was the cornerstone of modern economic theory.
He was a brilliant, witty but confident cornerstone of our family.
Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist's credibility.
Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of establishing democracy.
Cornerstone will also promote the song to radio stations.
The right to a free press is a cornerstone of democracy.
They form the cornerstone of modern evidence-based medicine.
Fear, of course, is a cornerstone of those obstacles.
Wood was used for everything-it was the cornerstone of the economy in the same way that petroleum is today.
He never renounced his evolutionary theory, but instead made it the cornerstone of a theistic explanation of the universe.
Years of waiting has taught them patience, the cornerstone of their strategy.
We often tell you that the long run is the cornerstone of marathon training, and with good reason.
We know we'll get a franchise cornerstone to build our team around.
And she appreciates an emphasis on the family as a cornerstone of society.
He led the charge for it, guaranteeing that it would be a cornerstone of his gubernatorial legacy.

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