corned in a sentence

Example sentences for corned

Cut cold boiled corned tongue in slices one-third inch thick.
The doctor diagnoses it as an occupational ailment and calls corned-beef knee.
She seasons the greens with mustard seeds and pepper and cuts slits deep in a corned ham so she can pack it all inside.
It was fabled for its sturgeon, corned beef and blintzes.
Of course, it's not all corned beef and cabbage for the president today.
Typical sandwiches such as corned beef on rye, chicken salad and custom made sandwiches are offered on the daily menu.
Today is considered the day above all days for corned beef slowly and carefully cooked for hours to feed the whole family.
The slightly warm corned beef is piled high on the bagel.
His order: three corned-beef sandwiches and two orders of cherry pie.
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