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At this gathering, corduroy is king and velvet is mud.
There's a corduroy collar with under-collar snaps for an optional hood.
In a novel, he had mentioned one character's favorite corduroy jacket.
He showed up for the interview wearing khaki green corduroy pants with a hand-knit turquoise sweater.
We're all in accord about the value of a good corduroy jean for cool days.
Corduroy is one of the materials which is universally becoming, and its revival is always welcome.
Our department chair has a flair for brightly coloured corduroy and scarves.
The corduroy collar features under-collar snaps for an optional hood.
Wisps of white hair escape from a weathered corduroy hat.
Tweed, fur and corduroy have put a focus on sturdy materials.
They tended to be shown on the runway with plaid pants and would make a natural partner for flannel or corduroy.
Dressed in his customary brown leather boots and well-worn corduroy jacket, he identified some of those in attendance.
He is dressed in grey corduroy trousers pushed into high laced boots, and a blue flannel shirt with a bright colored tie.
Corduroy some promising news within the hospitality industry.
Flannel, corduroy, cotton and denim work well for quilting.
He wore three-piece corduroy suits and soft-soled shoes and had a way of popping up at awkward moments.
He dresses in his father's shooting tweeds or worn-out corduroy trousers and tired cashmere sweaters.
Under his brown corduroy suit he was wearing his pajamas.
Everyone looked the same and dressed in the same materials: worsted, flannel, or corduroy.
The flanking sofas are covered in an unadorned beige corduroy.
Corduroy should always be buried, with only the side rails exposed.
The ground pavement surface shall be uniform in appearance with longitudinal corduroy type texture.
Corduroy should always be buried, with only the tread exposed.
Many of the logs were also used to build a corduroy road across the marsh.
Corduroy: logs placed close together perpendicular to the direction of travel to protect the integrity of the underlying soils.
Corduroy crossings at locations where there is no defined channel may be left in place.

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