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Four were loaded on the donkey's back, secured in a crazy jumble by a tangle of plastic twine and bungee cords.
Sudden opening of the cords allows the pressurized air to flow back up the respiratory tract to expel the irritants.
These cords run on wall current and are much safer than bare wire.
Umbilical cords are being preserved against future, personal need.
And airplanes aren't going to have extension cords either.
The legs of the patient were usually placed between two planks of wood, which they binded with cords and wedges.
Locals say that they also cut out the vocal cords of a singer who had warbled improvised anti-regime ditties in previous weeks.
Since its loss, the city has been running off emergency extension cords.
Freedom after three years of isolation has taken its toll on his vocal cords.
At the last moment, the anesthesiologist managed to slip a tube through the vocal cords and reestablish oxygen flow to the heart.
They sounded as if they had ripped up their vocal cords by popping steroids.
It consists usually of four lumbar ganglia, connected together by interganglionic cords.
Each ganglion is joined by intervening nervous cords to adjacent ganglia so that two chains, the sympathetic trunks, are formed.
In vocal cord paresis, one or both of the vocal cords are unable to move.
Carefully inspect holiday light strings yearly and discard any with frayed cords, cracked lamp holders or loose connections.
Even the cords dangling from the back have rich copper wiring that can be reincarnated as pipes, pans or furniture.
Can get tangled in lamp cords, shoelaces and other stringy things.
Others may speak with louder voices, but no one is placing a bigger bet on cars with cords.
Wireless energy ports could eliminate cords on everything from lamps to laptops.
Gaffer tape is used by production companies to stick cords to a stage floor, but it has other uses as well.
Remove throw rugs and electrical cords from floor surfaces.
It took me about five minutes to connect the cords and figure out the commands on the wafer-sized remote.
Her vocal cords have been cut to keep her from making any more trouble.
Remove electrical cords from floors and keep them out of reach.
Or that the locker room could barely accommodate all of the cameras, microphones and extension cords.
Extension cords squiggled all over the imitation cobblestones.

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