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After the first case had been authenticated a military cordon was established around the whole district involved.
And it may still be impossible to ignore what happens outside the security cordon.
They carefully put the eggs in a new nest and cordon it off.
After snuffing the fires smoldering around the still red-hot core, they cordon off the area.
He has to slip outside the security cordon for a puff.
The crowds are so large that police have to cordon off several traffic lanes outside the church.
Its large tables have low dividers that cordon off personal space but won't guard personal calls.
The military cordon appeared to be breaking as red shirts defied orders to stay away.
But it could not even cordon off the school in which the hostages were held.
The security cordon the thieves had to run was not overwhelming.
Some of the police officers were trying to cordon off those areas.
In the calmer seas behind that cordon, more reefs appear as irregular circles and crescents known as platform reefs.
Inside the cordon were about fifty demonstrators and ten journalists.
Some stations were simply sealed off, while in others the security cordon opened to let in busloads of government supporters.
Roadblocks and cordon-and-search operations, the bane of daily life, have been reduced.
They then cordon off a city-centre section of street and start tearing up the tarmac.
If these movies happen to be playing in adjacent auditoriums at the multiplex, exhibitors might want to set up a police cordon.
Twice they succeed in slipping through the police car cordon, each time by the narrowest of margins.
At one point, demonstrators shouting anti-Government slogans broke through a police cordon.
In place of gun salutes, the number of persons in the honor cordon indicates the type of honors being accorded.

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The trick, which requires the combined skills of a tightrope walker and a cordon bleu chef frying a plain e... more
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