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Example sentences for cordiality

To achieve cordiality, you should aim for friendliness.
Most enjoyable was the friendliness and cordiality of interviewers.
Such cordiality on the part of the producers perhaps wasn't the best thing for the film as a whole.
For more than an hour, they bantered and sparred, but not without cordiality and humor.
The only implausible note in this vignette is the cordiality with which it ends.
Nobody can say where cordiality ends and graft begins.
The weight-putter and high-jumper received him with his usual cordiality.
He wished not his view but truth to prevail-which explains the winsome cordiality of his demeanour towards other savants.
They welcomed us with great cordiality, offering tea.
In general, the local and provincial visitor information centers are run with cordiality and brisk efficiency.
From its location on an entire block in the financial district, the warm and colorful bank building exudes a friendly cordiality.
Bill's optimism and cordiality was always refreshing.
He encouraged cordiality as these difficult topics are addressed.
We always greeted each other with proper respect and cordiality.
We may be foolish in the fond belief that there is a mutual cordiality between this bench and the bar that comes before it.
He was held in high esteem, and welcomed everywhere with the utmost cordiality.
Corey's concern for and cordiality toward the individual historians endeared him to all.
Our relationship has always been blessed with cordiality and understanding.
With a click of her tongue she thrust out her bridgework, a gesture of cordiality that cemented our friendship.
The expressions of cordiality toward this country are profuse.
Your thorough work and cordiality is greatly appreciated.

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The Abbe Goussault, a counsellor at High Court, writes [at the end of the 17th century]: "Familiarizing oneself with one... more
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