cord blood in a sentence

Example sentences for cord blood

Scientists have found that umbilical cord blood may be a new source of organ-growing stem cells.
Some types can be derived from umbilical cord blood, adult bone marrow, or possibly even adult skin.
Many articles have said cord blood, marrow cells, and skin cells can be used and are better than embryonic cells.
One of the best and non-controversial sources of stem cells remains umbilical cord blood.
Doctors at some offshore clinics may also obtain stem cells from umbilical cord blood or, in rare cases, human embryos.
While stem cells are scarce and difficult to extract in children and adults, they are plentiful in umbilical-cord blood.
Cord blood has certain advantages over stem cell transplantation, including the capacity to produce more cells quickly.
Umbilical cord blood cells are so immature, there is less of a concern that they will not match.
Cord blood banking for potential future transplantation.
Learn about bone marrow or cord blood transplantation.
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