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The copper fish poacher pictured here is an example.
Investment firms are rushing to set up funds that hold physical stocks of copper.
Copper wire retains value even after it has outlived its usefulness for you.
Copper is used in everything from automobiles to ordnance.
Basically, you give students a battery, a bare copper wire and a small light bulb.
To prevent the poisoning of wildlife, switch to copper bullets.
The tomb contained a wooden coffin decorated with a copper lattice and a gilded mask, sitting on a raised platform.
Microbes currently are used in mining to help recover metals such as gold, copper and uranium.
Mining companies use microbes to recover metals such as gold, copper and uranium.
The government could no more outlaw those goods than it could pants or copper pots.
Copper output stagnated, because of a strike at the largest mine and a rock fall at another.
About half of the copper and calcium are in their immediately available forms.
The second copper coil is designed to resonate with that oscillating magnetic field.
Sceptics point to the behaviour of copper prices in the latter part of last year.
The log that creates the waterfall is clad in thin copper sheeting, pressed and glued to highlight underlying bark patterns.
The reverse is also true: when the copper price is low, the accident rate falls.
The copper telephone line that ran to every house was regulated as a common carrier.
New leaves emerge bright copper and hold that color for a long time before turning green.
Aluminium and copper still comprise more than three-quarters of the metals index.
Because of the sulfur acid, one camera broke down-the acid damaged all the copper contacts.
Clusters of copper atoms were attached to each cell in the array, and data was stored by attaching electrons to the clusters.
The short story is that the iron in hemoglobin would be replaced by copper.
Copper bands, available in some areas, will keep snails out of trees.
The rubbery shaft connecting the two plugs bends, but is thick enough that the copper strands within remain protected.
Many countries are making a mint from commodities such as oil, copper and gold thanks to sky-high prices.
For instance, tiny copper cauldrons have been found with sooty bases, suggesting children used them to cook food.
Its extremely inefficient and would require vast amounts of unsustainable copper.
Here, the land is shot full of copper and other minerals.
Ohm's law is useful to explain currents in copper wires.
Once it is slightly basic the copper will precipitate out as copper hydroxide.
Other new finds include gold jewelry, copper and iron weapons, and pottery.
When the wheel spins, the magnetic field causes a current to run in copper wires inside the lamp housing.
Reducing efficiency still further are the layers of copper or aluminum circuitry laid on top of the silicon.
Also found were an ax with a copper blade, two arrows, and a tangle of string.
Copper is also non ferrous, so a copper jacket wouldn't make it pull out.
But we're talking here about the art of jamming huge amounts of data through common copper telephone lines.
Use horticultural oil either alone or mixed with lime sulfur or fixed copper.
The fountain's copper back and water trough define the smooth stucco wall.
It might leach zinc that, similar to copper, can act as a natural root pruner.
Nearly three million ounces of gold were harvested here, along with eight billion pounds of copper.
These rods are made of copper, and are platinum-tipped and gold-plated.
In one corner is a tall buoy that resembles a huge copper-top battery.
Instead of silver, he found the richest vein of copper known.
But unlike more familiar metals, such as gold and copper, rare earths don't clump in single-element chunks.
Inside the statue four huge iron columns support a metal framework that holds the thin copper skin.
The first settlers were looking primarily for gold, silver, and copper.
After burning the plastic sheathing off a tangle of used copper wires, the merchants sell the metal to earn a few pesetas.
Curious, he picked it up and immediately realized it was a copper ingot.
The region is home to some of the country's largest copper mines.
Some niobium-tin must be used to ensure that the techniques will work for the material, which is more brittle than copper.
The bars were bent to fit the contours of the copper, as seen in the close up of the face's interior.
Illuminate a piece of metal, such as copper or silver, and the electrons get excited.
For a long time the goal was to integrate voice, video and data by carrying them on the same copper wires.
She adds that the presence of copper, zinc, aluminum and gold in the map's ink are also consistent with medieval manufacturing.
The markets for steel ad copper displayed a strong contrast with the market for stocks last week.
The lovely polished granite bar is edged in hammered copper.
The still is mounted in red brick against one wall, with a big old hammered-copper pail set under the spigot.
In fact, the legacy network of copper wires they service is rapidly turning into a cost center rather than a source of profits.
Everyone's heard reports of copper pipes being ripped out of houses.
They had copper skin, ragged robes, and hair in wild dreadlocks.
Copper is not at present a legal tender, except in the change of the smaller silver coins.
They never discovered the use of iron, and their chief metal possessions were native gold and copper.
Your copper plumbing has probably beaten your stock portfolio this year.
Commodities such as copper have also been battered recently, as have financial stocks.
Vale has plans for organic expansion in nickel, copper, coal and potash.
Many produce copper, too, since it often sits in the same ore bodies as gold.
To help control early and late blight, apply a liquid copper fungicide.
It is the exciting interplay of precious metal tones achieved by layer after layer after layer of silver, bronze and copper.
The copper would bead with condensation while you waited for the water to run cold enough.
He melted some butter in a copper saucepan and dumped in a pint of good gravy he had made the previous night.
This, to a stranger, would appear to fit well with the copper-wire hair and the close eyes.
Conventional turbine generators use electromagnets--copper coils fed with electricity from the generator itself.
Instead of copper wiring wound around a heavy iron core, the company's stator is made of printed circuit boards.
Other companies have tried to compete with silicon by using higher-efficiency thin-film panels of copper indium gallium selenide.
The researchers built two resonant copper coils and hung them from the ceiling, about two meters apart.
The approach calls for printing patterns of copper on the circuit boards that carry the filter capacitors.
Millions of homes and businesses are wired with copper connections from the old style telephone network.
For instance, a copper and magnesium-based catalyst produces the hydrocarbons found in diesel and jet fuel.
The problem is with the cost of copper and other metals that goes into the infrastructure to get that electricity there.
He had his eye on the end of the rainbow, rather than trained on the cobblestones looking out for the next stray copper penny.
In response to the copper coin's declining value, some stores have stopped accepting it as a form of payment.
As the gap between copper components within the cells narrowed, their light-bending power increased.
They mastered large-scale copper smelting, the new technology of the age.
The researchers succeeded in cloaking a two-inch-wide foam-filled copper cylinder from microwaves.
Each of these receivers resembles a skeletal globe formed by two intersecting copper loops mounted together on an aluminum block.
The accelerator pumps electrons down a four-inch-wide, two-mile-long copper pipe.
It's actually copper in color and about six centimetres long.
It consists of a curved copper sheet engraved with letters, surrounded by large rocks and a pool of water.
The planet's atmosphere roils and churns, reaching temperatures hot enough to melt copper.
The geologist thought the green coloring was some form of copper, but chemists said it was not.
Modern versions of the silver coins are clad copper-nickel.
Zinc and copper atoms were also detected with the synchrotron machine.
Small amounts of copper and antimony help strengthen it.
Low levels of copper are essential for maintaining good health.
Copper does not always do a predictable single-step reaction in acids.

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