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He was expected to cope with shortages, yet hold prices down: if he did not do both, he would be blamed.
The reason is that the poet never dares courageously to cope with despair.
If the panic were confined to these three, the euro zone could cope.
Governments and insurers the world over are struggling to cope with runaway health inflation.
School dropouts will have to cope with a life of cash-strapped insecurity.
Sunlight coming through the windows heats up the internal air which has nowhere to go as the air-conditioning struggles to cope.
New ventures launched today will be designed to cope with the rough as well as flourish with the smooth.
The real problem, though, is how to get companies and public bodies spending money to cope with a non-guaranteed eventuality.
Cope had a drinking problem and he stopped a while ago.
But, unlike them, he lacked the inner resources to cope with his situation.
Supply trucks reportedly refuse to enter the city for fear of radiation, forcing residents to find creative ways to cope.
Some authors and artists merely cope with interviews as a part of the job.
But they don't have to reconcile the contradictions in order to cope with reality.
The extended family structure helps groups cope with such losses.
The bees can better cope with temperature fluctuations than previously believed.
Tough environmental restrictions have been enacted to cope with increasingly dangerous levels of air and water pollution.
The existing extermination sites in the east cannot cope with the large scale of the planned operation.
On the other end are frequency regulation technologies that help cope with much smaller ups and downs over the course of a day.
But fungi, which could cope with the newly acidic world, survived.
Diabetes may have developed as a way for these early humans to cope.
Children model how the world works and how to cope with it based on what they learn from their parents.
Cope denied the accusation, but was unable to be reached for comment by either newspaper.
College presidents and trustees are talking more than ever as they cope with the financial crisis.
He had already been diagnosed with his autoimmune disease at that point, and hoped the job would help him cope.
The house at which the breakfast is held has large gardens, all planted with succulents that can cope with the country's dryness.
Today she writes about how nurses cope with grief on the job.
New insights into how cells cope with stress could help combat neurological diseases and reduce the ravages of aging.
The average consumer may find it all extremely confusing and will have to learn new terms and technologies to cope with it.
To cope with the difficulty of hobo life, hobos developed a system of symbols, or a code.
In order to cope with the growing expense of college, more students are relying on bigger loans.
But there is already a subset of users unable to cope with the challenges.
He could not get that the promise of free bread can not cope with the promise of free hands.
He had a program to help students cope with college-tuition costs.
There is nothing wrong with using chemicals to help cope with life.
But no insured depository could begin to cope with the trillions of dollars involved.
There is little possibility in these countries of expanding the cultivated area to cope with the growing demand.
People who engage in that business must cope with their own morality.
In the past the neglect of commerce by planners and architects was compounded by an inability to cope with the automobile.
Statesmen cope with emergencies, and the climate of emergency is chronic.
There is much to learn from this account for our current efforts to cope with clandestine nuclear weapons developments abroad.
To cope thoroughly with the fireworks in short space, or perhaps any space, seems impossible.
As things now stand, libraries cope with the pressures on their budgets by sacrificing monographs to periodicals.
He had many of the tools he needed to cope with the situation.
She tried to cope by insisting to her employers that she had to get home in time to make dinner for her husband every night.
He housed them with his family, sometimes for months, and helped them to cope with the shock of freedom.
These devices need a slightly different specification from domestic ones, adapted to cope with a harsh outdoor environment.
It also offers the possibility of changing the lives of disabled people, by helping them overcome or cope with their impairments.
Old practices could not cope with the demands of the new environment.
Instead, the brain evolved to better cope with the social demands of living in larger groups.
The utilities will be able to cope, as long as they can set the charging price by demand or time of day.
Human biology reorganized itself to cope with the punishing burden of our oversize thinking parts.
The frogs all have a number of space-saving features to help them cope with such small bodies.
Medical treatments helped to cope with the symptoms and affected people were quickly quarantined.
Your ear doesn't cope well with having an ear bud shoved into it.
Moving time backward may actually serve us well, by letting us cope with an imperfect nervous system.
Once on the savanna, they not only had to cope with more exposure to the sun, but they also had to work harder to gather food.
Their big idea is that stereotypes, being a set of simplified categories and judgements, can help people to cope with chaos.
Biology and consciousness is something with which the text book physics cannot cope with.
It can't cope and turns each face into a mix of the two.
If one of these sites changes, the virus can probably cope.
Instead, animals have evolved mental abilities to cope with different lifestyles and environments.
It causes animals to cope with a negative experience and impairs normal behavior.
Some of the trades allow bacteria to cope with new sources of food.
Whether they'll be swift enough to cope with the current changes to their habitat is another matter.
How does the family begin to cope with this situation correctly.
People cope with the loss of a loved one in different ways.
If you feel that you can no longer cope, talk to your doctor.
He was seeing a social worker and seemed better able to cope with the children who taunted him.

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