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How disease management and care coordination would fare is unclear.
Proven experience in language teaching and coordination a must.
It would probably take too much coordination among the periphery to manage though.
Getting good shots requires careful coordination with the staff.
They had students perform tasks-moving plastic cups-that required differing degrees of coordination with others.
Endurance sports are not dependent upon coordination or skill.
For many apps, he's not got the coordination to tap the smaller buttons.
But the problems in coordination also hampered the effectiveness of the response itself.
The school has been beset with repeat changes of deans resulting in total lack of coordination.
When seen running in groups the birds appear to display a remarkable coordination of movement.
The coordination of on-street parking supply with off-street parking supply through pricing structures is essential.
To drive a slot screw, you need hand-eye coordination to line up the screwdriver and the slot.
But for me, the transformative technology is the sidebar chat in coordination with the real-time editing, as shown below.
It's a mini-bicycle without pedals that's supposed to help kids develop balance and coordination.
Positive emotions help us build enduring personal resources, such as problem-solving skills, coordination and social resources.
All of this is reason to wonder whether literacy poses some other not-yet-recognized taxes on dexterity and coordination.
Corporate-financed political speech in coordination with a political campaign remains legally out of bounds.
Coordination will be through direct contact, as well as semi-annual written reports and an annual conference.
Blindsight seems to be directly linked to motor coordination.
But her brain-tingling technique might eventually help stroke victims recover their coordination.
Better coordination among numerous programs and jurisdictions is needed to meet recreational priorities.
By improving coordination of the cerebellum, the children are better able to process stimulation.
There is a dire need for improving resource and response coordination.
They would have struggled to keep their balance and coordination as strength drained from their limbs.
These coordination problems fascinate researchers who study cooperation.
Obviously, many pairings dissolve because of insuperably high costs of coordination.
Coordination will be lost, and the technology for producing nuclear weapons materials will spread uncontrolled.
Some have an inherent sense of curiosity, attention span, coordination and patience.
Such coordination failures should be obvious to all economists, but they aren't.
Many write-defenders will put forward the argument that it promotes coordination of mind and muscle.
It builds aerobic capacity while also improving agility, coordination and endurance.
And somehow the pen-to-paper coordination and pacing is all messed up.
It's an activity the school says helps develop problem-solving, patterning, math skills and coordination.
In-house coordination is usually easiest because they can cross-reference each other for making sure you're reliable, etc.
Coordination in relief delivery did not appear to me to be appreciably improved.
The report also cited equipment problems and faulted planning and interagency coordination.
It takes some serious coordination to operate, and a lot of practice.
Monetary expansion ruins the price mechanism--the coordination mechanism of the economy.
Its importance lies in lowering the cost of communication and coordination.
The likely outcome is merely more economic coordination.
Or the gene may be related to language indirectly-for example, by influencing coordination.
Although it's such a simple exercise, it takes all of your focus and coordination to stand on the line.
Complex video games require far more than simple hand-eye coordination.
Its skull had an inner ear that resembled that of modern birds, suggesting that it had the coordination necessary for flight.
The guiding of thought and the deft coordination of deed is at once the path of honor and humanity.
The movement is decentralized, and that hinders the type of coordination one needs to harness energies for political action.
Antihistamines slow down reaction time and affect your overall coordination.
And it requires the establishment of enforcement infrastructure, and enforcement coordination between countries.
There has to be relationship, consolidation and coordination.
The compound he and his colleagues used is a so-called coordination complex based on the metal rhenium.
Video games build problem solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and teamwork and sportsmanship when played in groups.
Its construction required careful coordination between nearly a dozen countries working through five space agencies.
Out of this regulatory coordination, physiological complexity emerges.
Those games are all about hand-eye coordination and how quickly can you get them before they get you.
Because there was no coordination among these legal teams, he was concerned that he was paying too much for duplicated work.
The doctor will observe the patient's balance and coordination.
Her powers of coordination and logical inference are altogether too strong and capable.
There are usually no other problems with coordination or changes in thinking or brain function.
There are usually no problems with coordination or mental function.
Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination.
These drugs impair coordination and can cause hallucinations.
It's about coordination, balance, agility and staying active.
Much can be accomplished by improving coordination and maximizing the use of existing resources.

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