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These marine mammals coordinate their fishing efforts with local people.
Picking up a drink is dead simple for people, whose brains have evolved over millions of years to coordinate exactly such tasks.
Beyond that, you need a management plan to guide and coordinate everyone's work.
Lumina has also hired a director of state policy to coordinate the foundation's efforts.
All told, the law enforcement agents helped smuggle millions of dollars in cash, and helped coordinate a number of wire transfers.
Yes, our enemies use and know how to use modern means of communication to plan, coordinate and carry out their dastardly deeds.
Prices are the signals that coordinate market activity.
One can also have a coordinate system in which a single dimension is is represented by a curved line.
The variation helps to coordinate transmission speeds.
They coordinate attacks and set traps-they can retaliate.
The coordinate speed of light slows down in a gravitational field.
How much intelligence does it take to coordinate muscle movements and anticipate movements of their opponents.
The advantage of the latter explanation is that it allows for a medium of transmission of information without a time coordinate.
Built from off-the-shelf parts, they were designed to coordinate with one another while searching hazardous areas.
It also recommends that the president's office better coordinate government agencies to oversee the work.
The speed of the alleged waves is coordinate dependent.
They're located in the head of the animal, and they integrate multiple sensory inputs, and coordinate behaviour.
There are subtle differences between the behavior of spinors and vectors under coordinate rotations.
The coordinate variable t is a chart dependent calculating device.
They counsel patients and coordinate care by the specialists.
The stakes also can be frighteningly high, as when emergency workers can't coordinate a disaster response effort.
And they don't coordinate their spending plans to allow such a finely balanced ledger.
Marines were squawking frantically, trying to coordinate with one another.
Going outside the system means two sets of doctors, making it harder to coordinate care.
They didn't coordinate a cohesive messaging strategy.
Decide on a look and style you want, then pull in rich colors and fabrics that coordinate with that style.
Certainly, such a feature will be handy for anyone trying to coordinate a project from different locations.
Collective action problems are hardest to crack if it's difficult for citizens to coordinate and communicate.
Mathematically all coordinate systems are called spaces.
Uncoordinated movement is a muscle control problem or an inability to finely coordinate movements.
Some animals coordinate their look with the seasons, shedding dark fur or molting dark feathers once the snow flies.
He couldn't coordinate his limbs well enough to catch a big beach ball.
The coordinate surfaces are sheets of two-sheeted hyperboloids of revolution with the same foci.
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