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In rare instances, the coop corp does not own the land but rather, has a long term ground lease.
Since then one of the four eagles has flown the coop.
Our local electricity provider is a coop and took a while to figure out the paper works for the grid-tie.
The flooring of our coop has caused some trouble over the seasons.
Of course, each coop is free to charge whatever they want.
Raccoons are particularly nasty, and they're particularly clever about using their little nasty hands to get into your coop.
The chicken coop is at the back, partly shaded by an umbrella.
If you deny the sale, he goes into default and the coop loses the cash flow until the bank forecloses.
The rent is ten dollars a month for the room and a miserable little coop of a bedroom where the old folks sleep.
Engineering programs have long had students who take summer or year-long coop positions in industry.
In the absence of news reports, bird flu might seem to have flown the coop.
With wind feeding the grid, the typical rural and productive household receives a residual cut of the power sold back to the coop.
Rooster's mobile home is parked beneath the leaves of real trees, with a hen coop, and a clutter of broken furniture.
The truth is they're not picky eaters, with one case in which authorities found a chicken coop in a tiger shark's stomach.
People help them along-breed them, nurture them, take them from the humble coop to the top of the poultry world.
Half the land is dedicated to master gardener and community plots, with an outdoor oven and chicken coop along the periphery.
Most of the chickens were inside their coop, snuggled up.
Though the hens have plenty of feed in their coop, they prefer to scratch in the dirt for living things.
Of course, no one's naive enough to think that a week swapping out chicken-coop bedding is going to turn kids away from tech.
The coop is set on a concrete base to keep out predators.
With three soldiers taking cover in the chicken coop, an enemy fighter threw another grenade at them.
The ordinance sets guidelines for proper coop construction and maintenance.

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