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Example sentences for coolly

Yet he was coolly rational and, in the final reckoning, successful.
The tactical logic was coolly efficient: the marines almost always took that same route into the area, today being an exception.
In this situation, let us seriously and coolly ponder.
Scientists should usually present the evidence calmly and coolly.
They fight their battles as coolly and collectedly as ever battles were fought on paper.
Trees appeared in groups and singly, revolving coolly and blandly, displaying the latest fashions.
They are constructions of calm perplexity, coolly observed human mysteries.
Legions of employees buzz around your table or watch you coolly, during lulls, from their stations in the open kitchen.
The first half slides from one coolly laid-back melody to the next.
Picking up on this current fascination, horror directors created a new breed of mysterious, coolly homicidal antiheroes.
She coolly removed one of the pearl earrings she was wearing and dropped it into the vinegar.
The killer coolly shot out their headlights before going to work.
Water and snacks will be available, however attendees are encouraged to dress comfortably and coolly for the event.
He approached problems coolly, rationally, and impersonally.
Ponder these things coolly, and see if they be not so.
Ha carried a great coat over his arm, and walked coolly and slowly among the police.

Famous quotes containing the word coolly

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