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After that much cooling had been achieved, the internal temperature ceased to affect surface conditions.
The cooling is accomplished by means of ice, or by a machine where compressed gas is cooled and then permitted to expand.
Joule was the first to show the reason of this cooling.
They range from the use of recycled redwood to the four atriums that allow for natural heating and cooling.
If you need a cooling-off period before looking at the reviewer's negative comments, that's fine.
The frightening-looking mushroom cloud emanating from the cooling tower appeared more hazardous than it actually was.
Another possibility is that pushing more air across moist lung surfaces helped with evaporative cooling.
Xylitol is a sugar that creates a cooling sensation when it comes into contact with moisture.
The refrigerator held the sharp tang of the pitcher of iron-rich well water cooling there.
Pops of icy blue in cooling contrast with warm combos of bright pinks and deep purples.
The bamboo is cooling and rustles when breezes come through.
Loaves of freshly baked bread were cooling on racks by the window.
Meandering streams are as beautiful as they are cooling on a hot summer's day.
But remember that dogs can overheat easily, so it's even more important to provide them with cooling retreats.
We took hits of the harsh dope, cooling our burning throats with sips of beer.
The cores show evidence of recurring cooling periods, every fifteen hundred years or so.
Blood is directed to the skin for cooling, which means it is diverted from working muscles.
The same cooling and cleanup operations must happen.
Because the nearly instantaneous cooling of the hot liquid preserves aromatic integrity-and aroma is the gateway to taste.
Ice water is injected in the centre of the cooling drum for optimal cooling transmission to the egg.
Suddenly, the make of the containment vessel and the specific arrangements of the cooling systems leap to the foreground.
We didn't go to the moon to spin off cooling suits and freeze-dried fruit.
Remove the pan from the oven and invert it onto a cooling rack.
Heat lightning flashes, and he hears the slow drone of locusts cooling in the trees.
Britons will also use ever more energy in cooling their homes.
The result is cheap heating in winter and cheap cooling in summer.
But it is the first to be laid low by the technology's dependence on a ready supply of water for cooling.
Fixing the leak means warming the broken part up, doing the repair, and then cooling it down again.
And it is not easy to achieve that kind of cooling without having certain control measures in place.
Workers quickly connect it to the electric grid, the computer network and a water supply for cooling.
Most of that goes into the boiling and cooling process, which is similar to making beer.
Helium also readily absorbs heat, which makes it ideal for cooling things down.
Technologies including multi-core processor chips, more efficient power supplies and smart cooling systems are already available.
Interestingly, its battery pack manages without any additional cooling system.
It is the excess energy from the cooling process that crematoriums want to capture.
Cutting down sunlight delivers less cooling in winter, and none at night.
There was a motion of the hand, as if cooling it down after touching a hot saucepan or shaking off water.
Future generations might find a more harmonious way of living together, but only after a cooling-off period.
Emergency cooling systems were shut down, with dire consequences.
Global warming, or climate change, is a subject that shows no sign of cooling down.
But not all white dwarfs will spend many millennia cooling their heels.
The more common method of cooling reactors with water requires great pressure to prevent boiling.
The substance existed for only a tiny fraction of a second before cooling down and turning into normal matter.
Proper insulation conserves heating and cooling energy.
Heating and cooling, appliances and electronics account for more than half the energy used in an average household.
Use your heating and cooling systems only when necessary.
We know the cloud of steam that comes from the cooling tower isn't radioactive.
Tapping into the ground offers another option to regulate household heating and cooling.
The footprints were made when the cooling ash was still fresh.
Make sure your building is well insulated, so you are not wasting energy on heating or cooling.
But the cooling system inside is regulated by an extremely stable and accurate thermostat.
Produce is trucked from the field to a cooling station.
Avoid problems by ensuring that your cooling pack is completely frozen.
Owning an electric vehicle requires more than global-cooling ambitions.
Weather begins cooling when the balance shifts to more heat leaving than arriving.
Then the serious freeze can begin, using the new technique of single-photon cooling.
Some factors are price of electricity, average temperatures winter and summer, total heat or cooling needed for a given house.
Most current methods for cooling things down require the use of chemical refrigerants.
Traditional methods for cooling gases to close to absolute zero work only with a few of the elements.
We have an exact way to measure global warming or cooling.
Those formations arise from the strong cooling effects of airflow over a plane's propeller blades or a jetliner's wing.
The next point made is the large capacity of water vapor, mostly in the form of clouds, to prevent cooling of the planet.
It offers easy access by road, rail and barge and has plenty of cooling water.
Between the warming and cooling extremes, climate will change.
The loss of outside power and then backup power at the site prevented the cooling system from operating normally.
He finished that chore and drove the full milk cans over to a neighbor who was still in the business and had a cooling tank.
Global warming skeptics often cite contradictory reports from a generation ago warning of global cooling.
Unlike soot, the light-colored sulfates strongly reflect sunlight, cooling the ground below.
The cooling system was down, allowing the fuel cells to heat up.
The arrangement functions as a countercurrent heat exchanger, warming blood in the veins and cooling blood in the arteries.
By cooling the surface of the ocean, the plan attempts to sap energy from growing hurricanes.
Twenty-five years ago, atmospheric scientists fretted about global cooling.
It's only at deeper infrared wavelengths that the fancy cooling is needed.
Astronomers say that the gradual cooling of the moon's interior probably caused the shrinkage.
Volcanoes can spew out clouds of ash, spreading a cooling sunshade over the planet.
Researchers have proposed that a severe global cooling might have been responsible.
Cooling is far more threatening to humans than warming.
So our ancestors had to develop a better cooling system.
The region had undergone a long cooling trend, so game was scarce, and people had to find other food.
The magnetization appears to have been encoded in the rock during a period of cooling thousands of years long.
The rotten-egg smell of sulfur dioxide gas hinted that magma was still cooling inside.
They differ in how that refrigerant is condensed so that it can be reused for cooling.
Thermoelectric coolers are popularly used in portable picnic coolers and cooling car seats.
Cooling can be localized or facilities can be redesigned to make better use of existing technologies.
Windows that absorb or reflect light and heat at the flick of a switch could help cut heating and cooling bills.
If they are sufficiently efficient, they could also lessen the cooling requirements.
Rather than letting the slag solidify to a dense solid, air can be blown during cooling off of the slag.
Its uses the law of conservation to conserve and increase the cooling effect of our polar regions.
Worse, the mixture separated while cooling, making it impossible to use in a bottle.
And don't worry if it isn't always sunny: the clever system stores energy for conversion later into cooling or heating.
Transfer to a cooling rack and continue to cook all cookies.
As much as half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling.
Laser cooling of atoms is a powerful and widely used tool in atomic physics.
Cooling towers, evaporative condensers, and fluid coolers use a fan to move air through a recirculated water system.
Overview of air permitting requirements and options for new cooling towers operations.
In low-humidity areas, evaporating water into the air provides a natural and energy-efficient means of cooling.
However, there is some confusion about the historical evidence that global cooling may be caused by volcanic emissions.
Radiant cooling cools a floor or ceiling by absorbing the heat radiated from the rest of the room.
Cooling towers provide a vital source of cooling for laboratories, but they are also large consumers of water.
Much research in the past has focussed on how efficiently air conditioners produce cooling.

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