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He pots them and incubates them in a cooler with heating pads.
Remove loaves at once from pans, and place side down on a wire bread or cake cooler.
Seeds germinate in early spring in warmer climates, later in cooler areas.
And you'll have it to yourself in the fall, plus cooler temps.
Pack the frozen berries in a cooler and make this on the first night of camping, before they thaw completely.
The weather is likely to be a little cooler and wetter than it is in summer.
It's also important to know your garden's microclimates--that is, to learn which areas are warmer, which are cooler.
And you'll have it to yourself now that summer crowds are gone, with the bonus of cooler temps.
But what is not known, is that it performs equally as well in the cooler coastal plain areas.
Stick some steaks in your cooler along with this savory butter to take to the campsite.
The higher your elevation, the cooler the temperatures will be, in both winter and summer.
Or something that stays cooler than concrete or flagstone under bare feet when you step out of a pool.
As a result, people will have less in common to chat about around the water-cooler.
Meaning to crank the a/c up higher to make make the air cooler.
They did for a short while, but then decided that digital cameras were cooler.
Labour unrest has even struck nations with a cooler-headed image.
It then transfers the fermenting liquid to a tank that is five degrees cooler.
As hot air rises and flows out through vents at the top of the building, cooler air is drawn in at ground level.
Evenly distribute the ice packs and frozen food items as much as possible when you pack your cooler.
Always keep perishable foods stored in the cooler while on a camping trip.
Pack raw meat at the bottom of the cooler to avoid cross-contamination with other food products from juices or blood.
In both cases the rising air is cooler than the surrounding air, which means it's more dense, or heavier.
Invest in a soft collapsible cooler and make a shopping list for food and beverages you'll bring on your trip.
Summer temperatures are cooler and dryer than much of the country.
Evenings get cooler, so long pants and light jackets are needed.
Even on cooler days, the bright sun will keep you warm.
The warm sun in the daytime can lull visitors into a false sense of security, belying the cooler nighttime temperatures.
Pack a small cooler or lunch bag each day and take your own meals.
The total heat content of a system is directly related to the amount of matter present, so it is cooler at higher elevations.
As the world warms up, some species cannot move to cooler climes in time to survive.
Energy efficient light bulbs are cool already, but they are getting a whole lot cooler.
If a steady temperature gradient exists, however, light will follow a curved path toward the cooler air.
For example, cooler weather causes fewer clouds, which reflect less sunlight.
They're far more biologically diverse than the cooler parts of the planet.
When they drift to cooler water, they solidify and form deposits.
Hot air rises, vents out the top of the shower stall and sucks cooler air in from the bottom.
Separating these regions of glowing gas is a cooler, thick lane of dust, appearing red in the image.
Regular matter is pretty cool, but for physicists, ultra-cold matter is cooler.
They observe that the latest gadgets are sleeker, faster and cooler-looking.
It and several variations on the theme are great fodder for water cooler arguments.
We also experience more storms as local temperature increases are transferred to cooler regions and ice melts.
If you don't let him check into the water cooler, he won't be happy.
Some carts come with an ice cooler under the hood instead.
Instead of hanging around the office whining, you walk out the door and find something better and cooler to do.
Cooler, bluish bulbs will cause guests to look harsh and plastic, overpowering even the thickest beer goggles.
Controlling a ball's roll is pretty cool, but other uses are even cooler.
In them, the cooler water is distributed through a fine network of capillaries that spread throughout the back.
Upon returning to the cooler confines of the studio, images were scrutinized.
Winter is cooler and influenced by low-pressure systems, which bring rainfall.
Conditions are humid around the coast but become considerably cooler and wetter toward the mountainous interior.
There is a regional variation, with inland areas being cooler in winter and warmer in summer than their coastal counterparts.
Spilled milk by the dairy cooler had not been cleaned up.
Flash plants pull deep, high-pressure hot water into cooler, low-pressure water.
Cooler temperatures, striking colors, smaller crowds-Autumn is the perfect time to travel.
Your subjects will be cooler, happier, and more attractively lit if they don't have a sunbeam hitting them in the face.
Warm air flowing over the storm clouds becomes cooler and heavier as it interacts with moisture.
The high mountains altered air circulation and weather patterns, contributing to the drier and cooler climate.
The plateau experiences hot summers and cold winters-it is cooler and wetter to the north.
These animals forage in the cooler temps of morning and afternoon to avoid exerting themselves in the debilitating midday heat.
Warmer waters could also alter the flow of ocean currents and initiate an influx of cooler water in certain areas.
As warm air close to the ground rises, plumes of cooler air fall to replace it, creating vertical circulation.
Sunspots are magnetic disturbances that appear as cooler, dark patches on the sun's surface.
Cooler air rushes in from the ocean to take its place and presto, a wind is born.
That's because red dwarfs are relatively small and dim, and are cooler than our sun, the team explained.
These suggest cooler, drier, and more variable conditions kicked in some three million years ago.
The models simulate different kinds of light emitted by stars that are hotter and cooler than the sun.
Once cooler temperatures signal that the sun has set, the hatchlings pop the rest of the way out and scurry toward the ocean.
During summer, large migrations of these sharks can be seen swimming together in search of cooler waters.
At cooler temperatures, the bills would go dark-blood flow to the bills had effectively stopped.
As temperatures rise, some warmer-water algae species may also expand into traditionally cooler waters.
Not to mention cooler roofs also cool down urban dwellers-which now make up half the world's population-during summer months.
In cooler weather, the tides keep the salt marsh from freezing, even if the water is not necessarily warm for people.
Whether you buy white or brown shrimp, bring a cooler and get there early.
We sit quietly hunched over laptops, transitioning even our water cooler conversations to our keyboards.
They are smaller and cooler, so their habitable zones are closer in.
And then, of course, there's the beer cooler that he hopes patrons will visit.
And trust me: it's much cooler than that might sound.
Some of the rioters attempted to fire the dining room, one floor beneath the prison hospitals but were dissuaded by cooler heads.
Where across the road the light had been cool and green, here it was cooler and greener.
The six-pack in the back seat had come from the cooler on my father's sailboat.
He put more water in their tank, to make it cooler on the hot day.
As the scattered rock stars in the audience might have attested, you can't get any cooler than that.
Because of this, they are far cooler than actual stars.
First, global warming does not preclude localized areas of cooler than normal weather.
The thicker the wall of the den is, the cooler the interior is, and the more moisture it traps.
But in the daytime, incoming sunlight may bounce off the clouds, leading to cooler days.
Because the surface is cooler, more complex molecules can form there.
Kelvin reasoned that over time, the planet should steadily grow cooler.
If the ground gets heated, rising air can punch through cooler air above it.
Probably if you're in a cooler place you won't have farmers selling their eggplant for a little bit quite yet.
Traditionally, limes are the summer's number one cooler.
That's why the spots are cooler than their surroundings.
He adds that one way to protect the cooler from potentially damaging particles is to use a prefilter.
The sunspots are darker, deeper, and cooler than the photosphere.
By the look of it, this spring season will be cooler than ever.
As cool as rock-star life was for the rock star, it was even cooler for his hormonal high-schooler.
These days, it sounds a lot cooler to say we're kicking it at the kefir kiosk.
There's a reason we're drawn to cinnamon and sage in cooler weather, beyond their delectable fragrances.
Musicians for kids and their parents are a lot cooler than they used to be.
If using a cooler, leftover food is safe only if the cooler still has ice in it.
These pockets of descending air are only slightly cooler than the surrounding hot air.
If the surrounding air is cooler than your skin, the air will absorb your heat and rise.
The meal dryer and cooler vents are typically exhausted to the atmosphere with only cyclone control to reduce particulate matter.

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