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Example sentences for coolant

Its sodium coolant has a high boiling point-today's reactors use water-and would absorb excess heat.
The outsides of the pipes are cooled by some of the coolant circulated by the engine.
The only long-term answer is not to add coolant or to drive more slowly, but to fix up the car.
The large surface area of the coiled tube coupled with the constant flow of fresh coolant makes for efficient condensing.
In those cases, the hydrogen was manufactured and stored for use as a generator coolant in coal fired power stations.
GM also is adding a sensor to monitor coolant levels and will attach a bracket to keep the coolant tank from leaking.
Only a small amount of coolant, a few cupfuls, were involved.
Keep a spare in the trunk, along with jumper cables, oil and extra coolant or antifreeze.
Learn how to change a tire, have your spare in order and keep extra oil and coolant in the trunk.
Stay close to water to replenish the coolant, which boiled off and threatened to let the engine overheat.
Coolant began to spray and an auxiliary cooling pump had to be replaced.
Some decontamination work was done after the tests, slightly contaminated coolant left for company use.
The coolant directly underneath the microchip heats up and evaporates.
Six months after the spacecraft runs out of coolant for its instruments, a preliminary data set should be released to astronomers.
Current monitoring instruments use sensors to monitor the amount of coolant used by the reactor.
Then, a pressure valve in the nuclear primary system stuck open allowing large amounts of reactor coolant to escape.
Grocery stores use a network of pipes and pumps to get coolant to the refrigerators.
It uses molten salt as both a coolant an a carrier for thorium and uranium fluorides.
Natural heat convection is sufficient to maintain coolant and heat loss from core decay, indefinitely.
The blood's purpose is to supply coolant to the machine.
In the case of coal, much thermal energy stored by the coal is lost to the coolant, released into the environment.
Other channels in the reactor carry a coolant--typically water--to absorb the heat from the catalytic reaction.
Because iron phosphate cells are less prone to overheating, the coolant system can be far simpler.
Coolant heaters use the truck's regular heat-transfer system.
Upon system shutdown, the engine can be simply left standing-with or without the presence of its coolant.
For both options, there is a relatively large thermal inertia of the primary coolant.
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