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It seems terribly unfair, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.
Lift one edge of the cookie and fold it so the cookie forms a semicircle.
Press your thumb into center of each cookie ball, making a small well.
The cookie could have crumbled differently, is my point.
The revitalized crayons, in cookie cutter block shapes, make wonderful gifts and clever package decorations.
Look at a cookie as another mile that you have to burn.
With simple cookie cutters and paint, you can make your own distinctive wrapping paper.
Suppose cookie makers were also having budget problems.
They supply a collection kit that comes with nine vials pre-loaded with cookie crumbs.
One of the things is there is no more cookie monster.
Until then, don't let cookie cutter advice thwart your existence.
Her instructions for cookie swaps are widely adopted.
Line the cookie sheet with waxed paper and spread out the chocolate.
Set a cookie or biscuit cutter in a medium bowl, then set mold on top.
But then, a large number of them happily cede the spotlight to a cookie.
Cut dough into rounds with cookie cutter and line eight sections of a mini-muffin tin with dough.
Freeze blueberries on a cookie sheet and store them in freezer bags so you can snack on them all year.
These trips put an end to those cookie cutter planned vacations.
Messages written on colored paper were tucked inside the fortune cookie-style candy.
Even the cookie-cutter housing developments, with their xeriscaping and washed-out desert palette, remind you where you are.
In other words, you might choose the wrong job because you didn't eat a cookie.
Maybe he got a bad fortune cookie when he went to one of their apartments.
He got many hints to go but he was a stubborn cookie and stayed until the last second.
Seven months later, she ate a peanut butter cookie at a transplant support group meeting.
Sprinkle that powder into cookie dough, add some to rice as you cook it, or even rub it on chicken before roasting.
Granola is basically an oatmeal cookie in cereal form.
Have a cookie a day if that's what you've deemed acceptable.
Kids at funky, hip, decidedly grown-up hotels that generally cater to the business traveler tired of cookie-cutter chain hotels.
As a result, many are looking to websites offering semi-automatic cookie-cutter mobile sites.
Others are setting strict size and design requirements to keep out cookie-cutter stores.

Famous quotes containing the word cookie

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The upbeat lawyer/negotiator of preadolescence has become a real pro by now—cynical, shrewd, a tough cookiemore
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