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Fats may be heated to a high temperature, as considered in cookery they have no boiling-point.
Since they had no cooking implements their cookery must have been rudimentary or nonexistent.
The one thing that marred my enjoyment of this life of freedom was my vain struggle to master the art of cookery in its elements.
Cook works by tradition, or at best by cookery-books, and puts no mind of her own into her work.
Olive oil cookery sure has come a long way in this country.
My beloved is interested in cookery as a game, a sport.
The two are also proponents of whole-animal cookery.
Tent campers are required to store food and cookery in the bear-safe lockers provided at every campground.
They watch thousands of hours of cookery shows on television.
In practice, getting this process to work is one part science and two parts cookery.
Cookery programmes on television are wildly popular and have helped to create a new breed of celebrity cooks.
Nevertheless, at the risk of temporarily turning this letter into a treatise on cookery.
And set their tent afire with some careless cookery.
Vegetable cookery is no longer the exclusive province of the counterculture.
The hurried minute steak with shoestring potatoes is contrary to the reposeful cookery of this quiet country.
Dinner that night, notable for good bourgeois cookery, was also notable for some unusual wines.
But it produces better wine than either of them, and its regional cookery is every bit as good.

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