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The best part is there is even a rice cooker now that makes it for you, so much less labor intensive than cooking it in a pot.
Professors share their favorite slow-cooker recipes in this ongoing thread.
They are already embedded in your car and stereo and rice cooker.
Modify a basic solar cooker design as needed to enhance your cooking results.
Brazilians had not previously realised that such a big chunk of the cost of a fridge or cooker goes to the government.
It also offered a tangible reward to citizens toiling in the pressure-cooker atmosphere of an economic boom.
These easy slow-cooker dinner recipes make hearty meals.
You'll need to uncover the cooker for the last three hours, so plan ahead.
Eat organic food on the go: simple pack a rice cooker.
Reduce your kitchen time further by bringing a crockpot or pressure cooker with you.
By the time the bird is finished, the stuffing in the slow cooker is ready as well.
The kitchen is fully equipped and includes all major appliances, as well as a rice-cooker, dishes and pots and pans.
Describes the pasta water and how to clean the extremely hot pasta cooker.
The basic idea is to marry a high-temperature cooker with a power station that is fueled by natural gas.
No ordinary pressure cooker can achieve such compression.
We all chuckle quietly, beginning to bond over being thrown together into this extraordinary pressure cooker.
Both his sharp tongue and the contestants' inexperience are often recipes for disaster in this pressure-cooker environment.
The continuous belt cooker is a pilot plant scale of a commercial cooker.
Atypical batch cooker is a horizontal, cylindrical vessel equipped with a steam jacket and an agitator.
After pressure is relieved, the cooker is uncapped and the rotation restarted.
Shut off the steam supply and wait for the pressure to equalize before opening the lid of the pressure cooker.
Follow the manufacturer's directions for igniting charcoal or preheating a gas or electric outdoor cooker.
Cooking beans in a slow cooker takes six to eight hours, or overnight.
The slow cooker phenomenon could explain doses in this range.

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It is best for all parties in the combined family to take matters slowly, to use the crock pot instead of the pressure <... more
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