coo in a sentence

Example sentences for coo

The red-faced monkeys frequently utter what researchers have dubbed coo calls to maintain vocal contact with one another.
When they leave, he shoots a furtive glance to either side, then moves in to coo for himself.
They hold hands, rub knees, sit in the last row of the movies so they can kiss and coo.
As the sun rose, their collective coo grew louder and louder as more of them joined the chorus.
Children are delighted at how they coo and scoot about unpredictably.
Fingers point, voices coo, faces crease in blissful grins.
But long before that first burble or coo, babies are learning the elements of language.
Within a couple of months, infants may move and coo, bob and blink in concert with anyone who's paying attention to them.

Famous quotes containing the word coo

I sang a canto in a canton, Cunning-coo, O, cuckoo cock, In a canton of Belshazzar To Belshazzar, putrid ro... more
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