convulsive in a sentence

Example sentences for convulsive

These convulsive jolts occur as the dozen or so ambulatory slabs that make up the surface grind past one another.
They are mandarins masquerading as barbarians in the wishful service of convulsive beauty.
Eli then falls into a convulsive fit and rises born again as the prophet.
The government seemed to offer a sense of direction in convulsive times.
Electro-convulsive therapy abated his depression, along with the last vestiges of his desire to write.
He mimed some woozy tottering and a convulsive hurl.
His shivering, caused by muscles contracting to produce heat, grew convulsive.
These are feverish, convulsive years, woven from aborted at-tempts and exalted renewals.

Famous quotes containing the word convulsive

In the wings the tenor hungers For the heroine's convulsive kiss, and Faust Moves forward, no longer young,... more
Who among us has not, in moments of ambition, dreamt of the miracle of a form of poetic prose, musical but without rhyth... more
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