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Example sentences for convoy

The president's convoy of cars was said to have been blocked by three vehicles and then sprayed with bullets by gunmen.
As the aid convoy pulls into the camp, a stampede erupts.
Hauling fuel to remote bases not only puts troops in jeopardy, by sending them on convoy runs through bomb-laden roads.
Last month, they shot at the president's own helicopter convoy.
They did not turn on their headlights intentionally to show the location of the convoy.
They drove to the refinery in a convoy of more than a dozen vehicles.
Vehicles in the same convoy wouldn't show up on the same screen.
Next time a shuttle lands, check out the convoy of ground support equipment that goes out to meet it.
They were part of a convoy of thirteen ships that set sail.
We pulled over to make way for a convoy of refugees.
He travels to and from work in a miniature convoy of two sport utility vehicles.
The convoy had barely steamed into the station of that city when this amazing game of hare and hounds came to an abrupt end.
While traveling to a campaign event, a group of gunmen attacked his convoy, killing the candidate and six others.
It was the last in a convoy of charter buses, and none would leave until all the rest could follow, including this one.
On a continent-wide journey, truck driver guides his own truck and two others semi-automatically following him in a convoy.
It's four in the morning and the convoy is staged and ready to roll.
Even cooks and legal administration clerks were pulling security and convoy duty.

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