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Example sentences for convivial

The gentry who pressed him to their houses and who were all convivial have much to answer for.
Throughout their whole journey by boat and train they were highly convivial, but they instinctively kept together.
Hot tubs and fireplaces make for convivial canoodling.
It will cut down on your phone bill and make for a more convivial experience.
It's enormously convivial while still being a serious conference.
When he was in a convivial mood, his gaze was said to be warm, even seductive.
The mood was convivial and the sound was appropriately sharp and loud, but not oppressively so.
Noshing down at one of the terminal concessions is about as convivial as a hog trough.
The convivial mood is dampened only by the task at hand.
Convivial conversation ensued, and at one point the agent asked his host if he could get him some whiskey.
In the quiet, convivial dining room, customers ooh and aah with the arrival of the picture-perfect plates.
It pays to ignore certain regulations, and summoning one's powers to render uniforms loquacious helps create a convivial mood.
The story is convivial and comic as parched inhabitants scheme to get the whiskey away from the watchful captain.
Business is not usually discussed until after establishing a convivial ambience, usually after soup or appetizer.
Pleasant as the exchanges must have been, the convivial scene was brief.
Our streets are much safer, more convivial, and more civilized when they are filled with a wide variety of users.
Atmosphere is convivial and noisy, service friendly.

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His youth was distinguished by all the tumult and storm of pleasures, in which he licentiously triumphed, disdaining all... more
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