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It does so in a thoroughly adult, convincing and entertaining style.
But hybrid athletes must bear an additional burden-convincing people that their sports are actually sports.
Her art is a convincing testimony to both personal and community stories.
Group dynamics and charismatic leadership play powerful roles in convincing people to embrace the expansive goals of terrorism.
They knew that the deeper they looked, the more convincing any emerging temperature trends would be.
Expert opinion is fairly unanimous that there are no convincing indications of such a sense in humans.
The report also includes less-convincing evidence of links between four other adverse events and particular vaccines.
Scientists have advanced many theories to explain that big bang in the diversification of life, none of them fully convincing.
The third hurdle will be convincing private pilots, who pride themselves on self-reliance, to buy and install the system.
Emotional residue doesn't sound convincing to me- but environmental triggers that can adjust someones mood does.
The next trick, upon locating interesting candidates, entails convincing relevant departments to consider hiring them.
He said advocates of career- and technical-education programs needed to make a convincing argument for federal dollars.
Convincing file-sharing sites to take those actions may be a tall order, though.
However, it's essential to have a convincing answer to this question.
Try convincing people who have never given that they should donate this year.
That's when the cover letter needs to be convincing, answering questions sure to arise.
She has succeeded in convincing me that moving would be a fun adventure.
In the old days, you might have heard about the difficulty convincing professors of the value of online education.
The first step to creating political momentum around a problem is convincing people that the problem exists.
Aggressive and self-serving with a completely convincing veneer of humility.
The apparent evidence of data manipulation is weak and has convincing explanations as legitimate work.
Probably your students aren't illiterate, and convincing yourself that they are isn't going to help.
But where no abstract idea governs her she can be direct, accurate, and convincing.
He was moving his auditors to a new point of view, not convincing them of a scientific truth.
The alteration is not complete enough, however, to be convincing.
The answer to the first objection seems obvious and convincing.
It would be neither the more nor the less convincing on account of the party it came from.
Some of the shots of her face are remarkably convincing, however.
It's a convincing argument, but it's a misleading one.
After all, early adopters don't need much convincing.
Instead, the real problem could be convincing your boss to install showers at the office.
They'll not only tell their friends to go watch it, they'll spend time convincing someone on a bus to watch it.
Students should be prepared to provide convincing arguments for their choices.
Have students consider what method would be best for convincing people to grant national landmark status to a specific shipwreck.
The film's cast of non-actors pull off convincing performances that render their characters intriguing and memorable.
He has a pretty convincing argument about people needing to make decisions for themselves.
There is no answer you can give that is convincing and you know it.
If you need convincing, check out the picture gallery to see what others have reeled in.
Part of the problem globally is that that the green-growth case has not been made sufficiently convincing.
The difficulty of recreating the textures of both skin and fabric means the effect is less convincing when seen close up.
But his own officials seem reluctant offer much convincing detail on local government compliance.
The problem is that new forms of clean energy are-as yet-simply not convincing enough alternatives to oil and gas.
Proving something was a matter of convincing one's peers that it has indeed been shown-no more, and no less.
It's an utterly convincing argument for making punishment swift and certain rather than severe.
The scenes at industrial conferences and the sordid backroom deals taking place behind the glitz are remarkably convincing.
Fewer examples more deeply explored might have added up to a more convincing case, and an easier read.
But many clients take a lot of convincing that employment will leave them better off than benefits.
What is missing, however, is a convincing sense of immersion.
Despite a barrage of statistics, he fails to make a convincing case.
But convincing locals that this will really happen will not be easy.
He also makes a convincing case for charities to spend far more on advertising, perhaps even selling shares to pay for it.
Some of the former president's suggestions are not as convincing as others.
And because he believed it himself, he made it convincing to others.
There was no convincing evidence for this, it argued.
And a claim can be resolved at lower cost when the defendant makes a convincing demonstration of good faith.
Trapped by his own simplistic formulations, he could provide no convincing answer.
But that involves convincing the country's banking officials of the need.
Mullen is a convincing representative of the public mood because his biography is authentic to the message he's preaching.
But such arguments get much less convincing as the second year comes to an end.
After his suffering, he presented himself to them and gave many convincing proofs that he was alive.
The shaking of the sculpture proved almost too convincing.
The fact remains that, over time, such paranoid accounts of political conduct grow less convincing than their comic counterparts.
The obvious answer is both, which is why no one's five-point solutions or three-word slogan is convincing.
It is original and logically coherent, the argument set out simply but with complete and convincing authority.
Yet people who claim to have done exactly that are tremendously convincing.
Not really enough to spell out convincing answers to the major questions that have troubled thinkers for centuries.
That's a pretty big leap from the not entirely convincing finding of a potentially questionable study.
But convincing other paleontologists is going to be a lot harder than getting his press release into a bunch of news outlets.
But it has consistently offered one of the few convincing possible explanations for altruism and still a subject of much study.
The broad outlines of development seem clear, and a number of steps have been described in convincing models.
Their scam is so convincing that they don't know that they're doing it.
So, they sound convincing to those that don't know better but are easy to spot by those who do.
While these are becoming increasingly realistic to the eye, they are still far from convincing to the touch.
The voice sounds right, but video would have been more convincing.
But none provide a convincing explanation for the variety of leaf shapes that occur in nature.
But it was missing one crucial feature: a convincing piano sound.
To be convincing, this is best settled on the solar energy conversion factor.
Still, convincing the traditional shoe-manufacturing industry to embrace new technology has not been easy.
The video game industry comes closer every year to stunningly convincing virtual reality.
Otherwise, the light's transition into air would have caused some blurring that made the effect less convincing.
Page's reasoning of that one factor is not at all convincing, but even if so, that doesn't eliminate fine-tuning.
That's interesting but they'll need to come up with something experimentally convincing to persuade biologists of these ideas.
The much more likely problem is convincing them that something can be done about it.
And it seems to me now that the case for eating meat is about as convincing as the old arguments in favor of smoking.
They will be able to demonstrate with fairly convincing means that there is nowhere that's safe from them.
There was something thrilling about that for me-somehow becoming somebody else in a convincing way.
If so, it has at moments been a convincing performance.
His performance was so convincing that his future work consisted mainly of gangster and detective roles.
What our study concludes is that those who claim they are doing so need to come up with some more convincing proof.
In each individual case, the argument appears convincing to many people.
The growing interdependence of the planet gives us, he says, a new and convincing reason to do our utilitarian duty.
The character is generally less convincing than the symptom.
The comparison they make does not seem to me entirely convincing, but they have a point.
Convincing foreign investors to buy your debt is a struggle.
We do not find clear and convincing evidence regarding the other probable cause findings.
However, clear and convincing evidence is not evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.
Generally, in jurisdictions allowing punitive damages, plaintiffs must persuade the jury by clear and convincing evidence.
Convincing evidence means one or more pieces of evidence that prove you meet a requirement for eligibility.

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